Top Cost-Effective Ways to Make your House Sophisticated

9 Cost-Effective Ways to Make your House Sophisticated… Woo more sellers! Making your home even more sophisticated (and improve its value) than it is now can be less of a challenge than you might think. In fact, you don’t have to splash out for expensive furnishings or furniture. Instead, with a little bit of planning, […]

Top Interior Design Trends You Need To Know About

Top Interior Design Trends You Need To Know AboutTake your house to the next level before selling Interior design had long been the preserve of specialists, people who had trained and become professional designers. However, in recent times, interior design has become something we can all excel at. Many people are happy to start a […]

The Real Reason Why Your Property Isn’t Renting

The Real reason Why Your Property Isn’t RentingAnd what you can do about it … While you probably expected some problems and challenges when you started your career as a landlord, there are still plenty of issues that come up. Some of these will seem baffling, and others just unfair. But the one issue that […]

3 Common House Defects You Need To Look Out For

3 Common House Defects You Need To Look Out ForGet the issues sorted … Everyone knows how difficult it is to find that perfect home. It requires a lot of research, visits and then the dreaded process of actually selling a property and/or buying a new one as a first-time buyer. Sometimes the process is […]

Why Your Floors May Be The Weakest Link In A Building Survey

Why Your Floors May Be The Weakest Link In A Building SurveyDoes something feel uneasy on the feet? Keep reading!  A building survey is an extremely detailed, ‘full’ survey of a building. It can be a process initiated by a homebuyer, and is most often used when a property satisfies a few unique criteria. The […]

Interstitial Condesation

How Interstitial Condensation Affects The Value of Your HouseAnd what you can do about it  Interstitial condensation is a very common issue in a number of properties. It’s a problem that can linger, and will definitely need fixing before you consider selling a property. However, it’s not a good idea to try and make repairs […]

Is Your House Interior Outdated?

Is your house interior outdated?Make sure you spruce up and get these sorted …   Even if you know nothing about the property market, you will know that a seller must ensure the property is attractive if they’re going to find a buyer. There are many aspects to the problem, from having a deep clean […]

Control Humidity in Your House

Humidity in the HomeHow it affects you and the sale price of your house If you own a property there are a million ways in which it can become unhealthy to stay in. But one of the biggest problems in any home is humidity. It may be tempting to dismiss this problem as being nothing […]

Sell House Fast Chester Case Study

Sell House Fast ChesterCase Study THE SITUATION: Mr. Albertson owned a semi-detached house in Chester. After years with the property, he was looking to sell it in order to move. However, he encountered a big stumbling block when it came to trying to sell. The house Ken owned was a “leasehold” property – meaning that […]

Sell Your House Fast Liverpool Case Study

Sell Your House Fast LiverpoolCase Study Liverpool Case Study THE SITUATION: Mr. and Mrs. McCarthy owned a terraced house in inner city Liverpool. The house, however, had fallen into disrepair. Among its conditions? Rising damp, dry rot, and a general degradation of the interior. WHAT YES HOMEBUYERS DID: Joe and Ellen wanted to get rid of […]