Sell House Fast Chester Case Study

Sell House Fast ChesterCase Study   THE SITUATION: Mr. Albertson owned a semi-detached house in Chester. After years with the property, he was looking to sell it in order to move. However, he encountered a big stumbling block when it came to trying to sell. The house Ken owned was a “leasehold” property – meaning […]

Sell Your House Fast Liverpool Case Study

Sell Your House Fast LiverpoolCase Study Liverpool Case Study THE SITUATION: Mr. and Mrs. McCarthy owned a terraced house in inner city Liverpool. The house, however, had fallen into disrepair. Among its conditions? Rising damp, dry rot, and a general degradation of the interior. WHAT YES HOMEBUYERS DID: Joe and Ellen wanted to get rid of […]

Sell House Fast Manchester Case Study

Sell House Fast ManchesterCase Study Manchester Case Study THE SITUATION: The Sanders family owned a three-bedroom, two-bathroom bungalow in greater Manchester. After a death in the family, the surviving members wanted to sell the home quickly in order to move the probate process along. WHAT YES HOMEBUYERS DID: The family had neither the desire – or […]

6 Reasons Your House Isn’t Selling

6 Reasons Your House Isn’t SellingAnd what you can do about it … Okay, you’re ready to sell your home.  You’ve checked off all the boxes, and you’ve done all the work. Now, all you have to do is wait for for that sweet dotted line to be signed, right? But wait – your house […]

Problems Getting a Mortgage

Potential Problems Getting a MortgageDon’t get caught out Mortgages. Unless you’ve found a giant bag full of money in your garden, inherited a great deal of wealth from a relative, are considered “independently wealthy” or have just robbed a bank (we certainly don’t suggest that one) the odds are you’re going to need to secure […]

Insulating Your House

Step by Step Guide to Insulating Your HouseKeep the cold at bay As humans, we don’t like to be too cold or too warm. When we’re at home, we like to be comfortable – after all, there’s a reason there’s something called “room temperature” out there! Good insulation in your home is vital not only […]

Should You Replace Your Roof Before Selling Your House?

Should You Replace Your Roof Before Selling Your House?We’ve got it covered … Okay, homeowner – try out a little experiment for us. Take a quick stroll outside your house. We’ll wait. *hums a bit* Great! Welcome back inside. Now, on the top of your house, you saw your roof (at least, we hope that […]

What is a Mortgage in Principle?

What is a Mortgage in Principle?No guarantees, but a good start … As responsible adults (well, mostly) the majority of us are probably aware of what a “mortgage” is. However, there’s another term in the home-buying world that is often used and may not be as familiar to those looking to secure the next place […]

Best Times of the Year to Sell Your House

Best times of the year to Sell Your House So, you’ve decided that the time is right to go ahead and sell your home. Well, congratulations! This is a big step in life, obviously, and it takes some careful planning and consideration. There are many, many big questions that you need to tackle right at […]

Step-by-Step: Add Value To Your House

Add Value to your House: The Ultimate GuideImpress potential buyers and up the price If you’re thinking of selling your home in the future (as in it’s not your ‘forever home’) then you’ve probably thought of ways to add value to your property. Why does this matter? Adding value makes perfect sense, because when you […]