How A Home Sale To Us Works

Selling to Yes Homebuyers is simple.

Here we cover how the process works, and provide helpful links to more information

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Our Simple Buying Process

Selling your house to Yes Homebuyers is a simple three-step process.

Put simply, get an offer calculation today, then we’ll make you a formal offer, then we can arrange a completion date to suit you.

Read more about each stage further down this page.

Free Offer Calculation Today

Call for a straightforward offer calculation to help you decide whether or not our offer will be right for you.

Free, No-Obligation Offer

If you’re happy with the calculation figure then we’ll do a free, no-obligation valuation on your home and make you a formal offer.

Completion Date to Suit

And if you’re happy to accept our offer, we’ll pay £1,000 to your solicitors as a deposit, then arrange a completion date to suit you.


Estate Agent Sale vs Yes Homebuyers

How a high-street or online estate agent sale works compared with choosing to sell your home directly to Yes Homebuyers.

Highstreet or Online Agent

  • There’s a lot of uncertainty
  • You’ve got to get your house ready for market
  • Then you’ve got to deal with estate agents
  • It takes a lot of time to sell
  • Then you need to let strangers traipse through your home
  • Then haggle over price
  • Then get messed around solicitors
  • There are lots and lots of fees
  • And eventually (if you’re lucky) have a really stressful moving day

Yes Homebuyers

  • Free offer calculation today
  • If you’re happy with the calculation, have a formal offer within a few days
  • If you’re happy with our offer, then we’ll set completion in a timeframe to suit you.

It's that simple.

Interested in what an offer might look like?
Call our helpful team now for a free offer calculation.

Client Quote

Selling a house shouldn’t be as difficult as it is. We’re here to give home owners an alternative to the stress, hassle and uncertainty we’ve all come to expect from house sales.

Kelvin Elliott
Purchasing Director - Yes Homebuyers

What Makes A Sale To Us So Painless?

An average home sale on the open market takes several months - and many can take much longer.

But there are a few smart things we do to help you bypass the hassles and enjoy a simple, certain, and convenient sale.

We are the Buyer

We're the buyer

We buy from you directly, so there's no waiting around for offers.

Painless Solicitors Process

Efficient Solicitors

We work with fast solicitors who prioritise our purchases - and do everything by email (no snail mail).

Painless Offer Within 7 Days

Offer in As Little As 48 Hours

We’re quick in determining how much we can offer you - so you can start planning for your future with certainty.

No Quibbles

We take out insurances for a lot of the common issues that hold up normal sales.

Financing Made Easy

Financing Ready

We’ve got financing in place, so no waiting around for buyers with slow mortgage applications.


How Does Our Offer Calculation Work?

It’s really simple, our offer calculation is here to help you decide whether or not our offer is right for you.

Call now or click one of our "Make an Enquiry" buttons and enter a few details
We'll call you and get a bit more information, then present you with an offer calculation
If you're happy with the offer calculation, we start work on making you a formal offer

After you enter your property address and contact details, our helpful team will call you for a little more information about your property, including what you think it might be worth. Once we have this we can give you a calculation of what our offer would be, based on the rough value you can provide.

It’s not a formal offer, but it gives you an idea of how our offer compares to what you might get through a normal estate agent sale, so you can decide if you think Yes Homebuyers is right for you.

We can also discuss a handy breakdown of the costs you might not consider when thinking about a traditional estate agent sale. There are lots of fees of course, but things like repairs, months of mortgage payments, council tax, utility bills and so on aren’t always taken into account.

Ready for your free offer calculation now? Click below and have an offer calculation within the hour.


How Do We Value Your Property?

If you’re happy with the calculation figure then we’ll do a free, no-obligation valuation on your home to determine our formal offer.

The steps are as follows:

  1. We’ll arrange for two of your local high street estate agents to visit the property at a time to suit you
  2. They’ll each send us a report on the property
  3. We’ll review the feedback and do some in-depth online research
  4. Then we’ll contact you to go through the feedback, and make our formal offer

We use local estate agent valuations for a couple of reasons.

  • Independent: They’re independent from us – ensuring fair, neutral valuations.
  • Experts: They’re local experts – so we’ll get better feedback and more accurate valuations.
  • Familiar: It's nicer having someone local visit, and you'll be familiar with the firm already.


How Much Do We Offer?

Our offer is based on what we call the “Full Market Value” of the property. As a rough guideline, this is the price you’d generally expect to achieve if you were to sell your house through a local estate agent in about 4-8 months.

Our thorough valuation process (which you can read more about here) helps us determine the likely Full Market Value of your home – and from this we can make our offer.

Generally, we offer in the region of about 80-85% of this price – but remember that there are no estate agent or solicitor fees for you to pay with our offer, and because we can complete more quickly you don’t have months and months of mortgage payments, council tax and utility bills, and so on to pay while you're waiting to move. These costs amount to thousands of pounds, so remember to take that into account when thinking about our offer.

Client Quote

Time is important to us, so having strangers nosey around our house when we were trying to sell through an agent - then never make an offer - was a huge frustration! After we accepted an offer with Yes Homebuyers though, things got moving right away. 

Mr and Mrs Jones

Happy Retired Couple


How Do I Know I'll Get What You Offer?

All our offers are guaranteed.

As soon as you accept our offer we’ll send a non-refundable £1,000 deposit straight over to your solicitor.

If we were to change the offer or move the goal posts in any way, the £1,000 is released to you and it’s yours.

Why would we do this? Because what we offer is what we pay. We wouldn’t put £1,000 on the line if our offer wasn’t what we intended paying, or if we were going to mess you around.

Our offer is guaranteed, to give you complete peace of mind.


Where Do We Make Our Money?

Once we’ve bought your property, we effectively step into your shoes as the new seller.

Our service is about ensuring that you get a swift, certain and convenient house sale, and the only drawback for you is that we buy at a price less than its full value.

So, to make our money, we now deal with the long, complicated, stressful and drawn-out sale you were hoping to avoid! By going through the lengthy process and selling the house for it’s full value the company makes a profit.

Read more about our company profits and costs by clicking below.