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THE SITUATION: Mr. Albertson owned a semi-detached house in Chester. After years with the property, he was looking to sell it in order to move. However, he encountered a big stumbling block when it came to trying to sell. The house Ken owned was a “leasehold” property - meaning that he was effectively a long-term tenant in the house itself, and the landowner could increase the fees for living on the grounds ad nauseum.

Due to the leasehold issues, Mr. Albertson - in the middle of a very busy life - had a lot of trouble attracting estate agents to work on selling the property.

WHAT YES HOMEBUYERS DID: Leasehold concerns are paramount for many UK homeowners and would-be homeowners; getting caught up in one could prove to be a tremendous burden for selling a property.

However, Yes Homebuyers was the solution in Ken’s case (and, if you have one of these properties, it could be for yours, too). Ken needed a fast and reliable way to sell his property, from a source that was not thrown off by the stigma that can be associated with leasehold properties.

That meant Yes Homebuyers to the rescue.

After visiting the Yes Homebuyers website and filling out a simple form, our team did some work on the property and the area around it in Chester and responded back quickly with an approximate offer for Ken’s property. He was happy with the amount, so Yes Homebuyers completed a full valuation of the property and finalised an offer all done quickly and with no fees to the seller.

Once the finalised offer was agreed to, Mr. Albertson set the date of completion and Yes Homebuyers worked with the designated solicitors in order to finalise the legal work. On the date that he was looking to complete on the sale of the property - in this case, around four months after the offer was accepted – Mr. Albertson handed over the keys to the Chester property and the sale price amount was deposited into his bank account on the same day.

It was a relief for Mr. Alberton. He wasn’t ignored because of the leasehold; Yes Homebuyers gave a quick, fair offer, no questions asked.

In a situation like this? Let Yes Homebuyers see what we can do for you!

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