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Case Study

Liverpool Case Study

THE SITUATION: Mr. and Mrs. McCarthy owned a terraced house in inner city Liverpool. The house, however, had fallen into disrepair. Among its conditions? Rising damp, dry rot, and a general degradation of the interior.

WHAT YES HOMEBUYERS DID: Joe and Ellen wanted to get rid of the property rather quickly. However, they faced a number of obstacles - most specifically, relating to the condition of the house. The property’s numerous physical failings had scared off plenty of buyers who wouldn’t be able to get a mortgage on the property, and it was almost impossible to get any Liverpool estate agents confident about selling the property.

Worse still, Joe and Ellen had to deal with a “gazundering” situation during the selling process.

What is gazundering? It sounds like a funny name, but be assured it’s serious - and it’s not fun. Gazundering occurs when a buyer drastically lowers the amount they’re offering just before the sale completes. In those situations, the seller is left with no great options; they can either take the lower offer, or start the entire process all over again and lose days, weeks, or even months worth of work.

Want to know more? Read our Warnings page.

So, what could Joe and Ellen do? They contacted Yes Homebuyers. After going online and filling out the easy to use postcode checker field, a representative quickly called them back to discuss their requirements. This included researching the house, the property and the area around them in Liverpool. An offer was made within 48 hours with no long drawn-out process, no haggles, no hassles, no interruptions.

The McCarthys accepted the offer, and Yes Homebuyers instructed the solicitors (at no fees to the family) and surveyed the property. After that, the McCarthy’s set the date of completion - when the contract would be finalised and the property turned over - and on that day the family handed over the keys to that Liverpool property.

This time, there was absolutely no “gazundering” to disrupt the process.The amount agreed to was - as promised - delivered to the McCarthy’s account, and with that they had sold the property.

By using Yes Homebuyers, the McCarthys accomplished exactly what they set out to do: getting rid of a piece of property that had fallen into disrepair, without any tricks or funny business.

Don’t think you can sell your house? You’d be surprised, we buy any house.

We buy in any area of Liverpool, including:

Aigburth, Aintree, Allerton, Anfield, Bebington, Bidston, Birkenhead, Bootle, Bowring Park, Brighton-le-Sands, Broadgreen, Childwall, Claughton, Clubmoor, Crosby, Croxteth, Edge Hill, Egremont, Everton, Fairfield, Fazakerley, Ford, Garston, Gateacre, Grassendale, Greasby, Great Crosby, Halewood, Higher Bebington, Hunts Cross, Hyton, Kensington, Kirkby, Kirkdale, Knotty Ash, Knowsley, Litherland, Liverpool city centre, Moreton, Netherley, Netherton, New Brighton, New Ferry, Norris Green, Orrell Park, Page Moss, Port, Sunlight, Prenton, Prescot, Princes Park, Sandfield Park, Seaforth, Sefton Park, Speke, Stockbridge Village, Stoneycroft, Tarbock, Thornton, Toxteth, Tranmere, Upton, Vauxhall, Wallasey, Walton, Waterloo, Wavertree, West Derby, Whiston, Wirral, Woodchurch, Woolton

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