Top Interior Design Trends You Need To Know About

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Interior design had long been the preserve of specialists, people who had trained and become professional designers. However, in recent times, interior design has become something we can all excel at.

Many people are happy to start a project in their home and end up with something that a professional would be proud of.

We’ve put together some interior design ideas that are very much on-trend this year.

Shades of green

Interior Design Green Wall


It used to be quite an unloved colour, but green has made a big comeback. It was a huge colour in 2017, and is showing no signs of abating in popularity. It’s meant to be a colour that symbolises freshness and rebirth. Spring is therefore a perfect time to get it on your walls and into some of your furniture choices.

It’s all about refreshing a space, and it should be bright and clear.

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The texture of it

There is a return to texture, and it’s quite clear that people are becoming fans of objects that have a little more to them. It’s all about authenticity and touch, so this means buying products and finishes that allow for that to happen. In furniture in particular, designers are using folding and weaving in various materials, and it’s not just about cotton.

Velvet, with it’s beautifully tactile texture, has been the subject of plenty of manipulation, especially in furniture.

Weaving and folding velvet? Amazingly, it works.

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Navy Walls


Going back to colours for just a moment, navy has also seen a comeback in recent months. It shouldn't be discounted. Okay, at first glance it may seem a  little bit boring, but we probably all said that about grey at some point, and look what happened with that.

Navy blue is a strong and strangely comforting colour when it’s applied to a wall in a home. It makes a statement, and you’d be surprised how it complements plenty of other shades too. Well worth investigating, and one to think about if you’ve never tried it before.

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'Core' white

Sometimes known as ‘raw’ white, this means earthy, chalky whites. It’s easiest to get started with crockery, since so many crockery styles lend themselves to a more ‘bone-white’ colour (we know it sounds a little gross, but it works).

It’s also worth remembering that white is a great colour to have in the home, simply because it has a calming, refreshing feel to it. Jazzing it up a little with some of the raw stuff can rally add a certain element of novelty to the living space.

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That's right, wicker is coming back. Grab a few baskets, and take advantage of the various colours that are now all over the place, and go for that great combination of quality storage and chic design. Start small, and then build up a few pieces around the home. They don’t last forever, but they certainly brighten a space, and keep it neat, too.

Try out the above and you’ll soon feel like you’re living in a modern home. And the best part is that you can try a little bit of these at a time. There's no need to go overboard, and the results should help transform your home.

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