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Any house, any condition, any location.
No stress, no hassle, no fees

We can buy any house quickly

Our "We buy any house" service is an alternative to a traditional estate agent sale, and lets you sell your house for cash quickly - saving you the time, stress and hassle involved in an ordinary house sale.

We do this by buying your home from you directly, in a fast, smooth transaction.

We believe every homeowner should have the option of selling their house quickly - regardless of its condition, location, or anything else. As national home buyers, we buy from all over the UK.

You may be struggling to sell your house if it isn't in tip-top condition, or perhaps because it may have other issues. These aren't a problem for us though. As we say, we really do buy any house. 


Why sell my house to

Yes Homebuyers?

Get a good offer, quickly

Getting a good price on your house can be tricky… and doing it quickly is almost impossible! So if you want to value your house our valuation tool is set up to be quick, fair and competitive. We value your house based on it’s current condition and market value, then quickly make our offer.

No pressure, and flexible timeframes

When we make our offer it’s guaranteed for 28 days. That means there’s no pressure to quickly decide what you want to do. Once you’ve accepted our offer we can complete in as little as a week, or within a timeframe to suit your needs. We just work whatever timeframes suit you best.

An entirely private house sale

Who wants the nosey neighbours knowing their business?! Each of our purchases are entirely private house sales. Unlike traditional house sales, your home won’t be advertised online for the world to see, and your neighbours won’t know your business!

Totally Free

It’s simple: there are no costs. You don’t pay any estate agents, you don’t pay a solicitor (we cover their fees), and you don’t pay us. We buy any home so just say “buy my house”, and we will! We’ll cover your fees, and we won’t charge you a penny - guaranteed.


Other benefits include a free valuation, free legal fees, a guaranteed offer within 24 hours, and a quick, hassle-free sale.

Call us today for more information, or click our Offer button for a free, no-obligation offer on your property.

I'm interested in selling - how does it work?

If you’re interested in a quick house sale, the process is really simple and straight-forward:

Valuation Form & Offer

To get started with our "we buy any house" service, call us free on 0800 133 7687, or enter your details on our online Offer Form. We’ll make you a completely free, no-obligation offer.

Solicitors get to work

If you accept our offer we instruct the solicitors and they get to work. Our friendly team will be here to make sure everything happens smoothly and stress-free.

The sale completes!

On the day of completion the money hits your bank account, and we collect the keys.
It really is as simple as that ... House Buying is what we do!

Valuation Form & Offer

To get started with our "we buy any house" service, call us free on 0800 133 7687, or enter your details on our online Offer Form. We’ll make you a completely free, no-obligation offer.

Solicitors get to work

If you accept our offer we instruct the solicitors and they get to work. Our friendly team will be here to make sure everything happens smoothly and stress-free.

The sale completes!

On the day of completion the money hits your bank account, and we collect the keys.
It really is as simple as that ... House Buying is what we do!

If you'd like to read more about our process and how we buy houses so quickly
 click here to read more about How it Works.

How do you make your offer?

Once you've called in or completed our short offer form, the first thing we do is spend some time on the phone with you getting information about your property, its internal condition, and about the local area.

Next we use sophisticated valuation software to examine your local market, area, and recent comparable house sales nearby. Once we’ve completed this “desktop valuation” we'll call to give you an idea of what our formal initial offer is likely to be.

This happens within 24 hours of your initial enquiry with us, meaning you can quickly establish whether or not we're going to be a good option for you.

If you’re happy with the ballpark valuation figure, we begin work on making you a formal offer.

Clients can normally expect to receive our formal offer within 7 working days of first contacting us, and if we can offer a price you’re happy with we can agree the sale with you, and buy your house quickly.

To read more about how we value properties and quickly make our offer 
click here to read more about out valuation process.

  We buy any house, regardless of its age, condition, location - or anything else.

Whatever your circumstances we'll make you our best offer. If you're happy with the price we'll work towards a completion date that suits you. 

What happens if I accept your offer?

Once we’ve agreed a price and a target completion date then solicitors will be instructed (remember, we pay your legal fees, so you don’t have to worry about any solicitor fees, or any costs in fact). From here, our friendly team will be here to talk you through every step of the process through to completion.

Your solicitor will send you the final forms to sign and return. We’ll sign our forms as well, and we’ll send the money over to our solicitors. You’ll meet a local estate agent at the house on the day of completion to hand over the keys, and the money will hit your account on the same day.

It really is as simple as that! We make selling your home as simple and straight-forward as it possible can be.

Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for more answers
to some of our customer's most common queries.

We buy any and all

types of property

What about Problem Properties?

Selling your home on the open market isn’t easy at the best of times, but it’s even more difficult if your home has become “problem property”.

This doesn’t mean you can’t sell your home at all though – you can still sell, and you can sell quickly. At Yes Homebuyers we buy any home – we even say “Yes!” to problem properties. If your property has been affected by any of the issues below, fill in our quick offer form now and our team will be in touch to learn more about your property.

Click the property problems below for more information, and you can find links to some other helpful resources here.

Lease Problems

Leasehold properties absolutely have their benefits, but in some circumstances they can lead to complications – which may put off buyers and make your house sale difficult.

Issues include short leases, high service charges or ground rents, absent freeholders, poor management companies and so on. We buy any house, even with leasehold problems.

Find out more about leaseholds vs freeholds.

Dry Rot

Serpula Lacrymans, also know as “dry rot”, is a fungus that first came to the UK in the 1700s. Infected timber was imported from Europe, and its been on our shores ever since.

Unfortunately, it can wreak havoc on properties by actually digesting the part of the wood that gives it its strength. As many houses are timber-framed, this can leave properties unsafe.

Dry rot is expensive to remedy and many home owners cannot afford – or will not want – to remedy the issue themselves. We buy houses with dry rot.

Unmortgageable Houses

Mortgage lenders have always been wary about what properties they will and won't lend money on, but since the credit crunch their criteria have tightened even more, leaving more properties unmortgageable.

This is a problem for home owners because most buyers need a mortgage to be able to buy. If buyers can’t secure a mortgage on your house then they can’t buy it, and this can make it difficult to sell.

Issues that can make a property unmortgageable include:

  • Condition: It can’t be derelict, and it needs a working kitchen and bathroom.
  • Price range: it needs to be worth over £50,000, else most lenders won’t lend.
  • Leases: Properties with a short lease (less than 70 years) or a defective lease are usually unmortgageable.
  • Structural: Properties with structural problems such as subsidence, wall-tie issues, wet rot, dry rot or severe damp can be unmortgagable.
  • Local factors: Properties close to past coal mining and landfill sites can often by unmortgageable, as well as properties in flood-risk zones.

Read more about unmortgageable properties.

Legal Problems

If you have legal issues with your property, we can still buy your house.

We’ve been buying houses for so long that we’ve probably dealt with an issue just like yours before.

Call in and have a chat with our team of experts, we can look into the issue and make you an offer to buy your house. And if the offer doesn’t work for you, we’re sure we can offer some helpful advice.

Japanese Knotweed

Japanese knotweed was first introduced into the UK in around 1850 as an ornamental plant. 20 years later it became available for public sale, and was used extensively by farmers as animal feed.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t until around 1900 that we began to realise that Japanese Knotweed is an invasive plant species. The plant’s root system can grow as much as 3 metres deep and 7 metres wide, and it's strong enough to grow through brick. A huge issue for homeowners.

It is expensive to remedy and requires an extensive course of treatment over many months, and without treatment it can actually make a house unmortgageable – making it very difficult to sell. We can buy your house even with Japanese Knotweed though.

Non-standard Construction

The term “non-standard construction” usually relates to pre-fabricated concrete houses. They were originally built in the post-war period to quickly provide temporary, affordable housing to those who’d lost homes during the Blitz.

Although they were originally intended to be temporary, approximately 1.5m are still around today. Because they were originally intended only as a short-term measure, nowadays many banks consider that they aren’t a reliable enough security for a long-term mortgage, so they often will not lend on them.

This can make them difficult to sell, however we buy any house - whether construction is standard or non-standard.

There are many other issues that can affect properties and make them difficult to sell as well. Problems can be really severe, and can be a nightmare for owners if you just want to be able to sell and move on.

If you’re dealing with a problem property at the moment please get in touch – we buy any home, even those with issues.


How should I choose a company to buy my house?

During an investigation in 2013 the Office of Fair Trading identified numerous misleading operators in the house-buying sector. These rogue traders have no place in the housing market, but because they operate outside of regulative guidelines they are incredibly difficult for regulators to stamp out.

These companies could cost you tens of thousands of pounds, and a great deal of stress and heart ache.

Important advice for home sellers

To assist and protect home sellers, we've compiled a list of four essential steps homeowners should follow when selling their house to a house buying company.  

If you’re considering other companies, take the time to carefully familiarise yourself with the four steps on Warnings page first.

Yes Homebuyers follow each essential step set out. So with us you'll get the fair, fast, straight-forward house sale you’re looking for.

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The Property Ombudsman

Common questions

Click the questions for more information.

Will you really buy any house?
Yes! The demand for a fast, certain sale has increased significantly over the last few years because of a number of factors. For one, high property prices mean fewer people can afford to buy – making it take longer to find a buyer. Mortgage lenders having stricter criteria too. This means, again, fewer people can afford to buy – making it harder to sell.
How fast can you buy my house?

Fast. Pretty much as quickly as you need.

We can buy quickly, or work to a timeframe to suit your needs. As national home buyers we're flexible.

Why would I sell to Yes Homebuyers?

The way the house market works in the UK is incredibly outdated. Selling a house is expensive, stressful, and takes a long time.

For many people, this is ok and they're happy to go through a traditional sale. Many people would rather avoid this though, so they opt to sell through a quicker “webuyanyhouse” service like ours.

We offer a fast, smooth, certain sale by buying the property directly from you. It can't be any simpler than that.

Click here to read more about How it Works

Do you buy houses in very poor condition?

Yes! As national home buyers, we buy any home, whatever the condition.

We buy some houses that just need a lick of paint, but some need a complete renovation, and some are completely derelict.

Whatever the condition of your property, it won't scare us off - we really do buy any house.

I'm facing repossession. Can you still buy?

Yes. We can buy no matter the circumstances. We have extensive experience in working with mortgage lenders in repossession cases.

We can work with them to delay the eviction, and buy enough time for us the sale to go through.

This means you can completely avoid the repossession. The mortgage can be paid off in full, along with any arrears, leaving you to move on ad make a fresh start. 

Click here to read more about the repossession process, and what you can do now to prevent it.

Are there any fees for your service?

No! No fees whatsoever. We even cover your legal fees. 

This means the price we offer for your home is the price you get - no fees.

For answers to more of our common questions, visit our FAQs page.

Alternatively, if you'd like an offer on your property click one of the Offer buttons below, or enter your postcode below.

Our friendly team will be happy to help.