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Why do we exist? Who's behind the business? How are we changing Property? 

All your questions answered below.

In the beginning...

Ah, the UK property market. There’s no place quite like it. Days turn to weeks here, and weeks turn to months.

I don’t know how it got like this, but it doesn’t seem to work well for anyone.

For home sellers, average sale times have always been long, but it’s as bad now as it’s ever been. The average sale now takes about 6-7 months!

The average house sale takes between 6-7 months from start to finish.

And the process can be absolutely miserable for some sellers:

  • There are estate agents to deal with.
  • Waiting for viewings and having strangers traipse through your home.
  • And then haggling over offers

Then if you do manage to find a buyer, you just have to hope the sale doesn’t fall through once everyone else enters the picture (each causing their own series of delays): 

  • Solicitors, with their searches, enquiries, and other checks.
  • Mortgage lenders, with their stringent checks and criteria.
  • And surveyors, looking for any reason to put a stop to the sale…

It's no wonder that 30% of agreed sales fall through… (Yes, really).

Over 30% of sales fall through after they've been agreed

If this happens you’ll go right back to square one, and the future life you were planning just crumbles before you.

And most of the time you'll probably be in the dark about what's going on. Communicating with customers and letting you know what's happening isn't exactly common practice.

It’s unbelievable that there’s an industry that is still so dysfunctional, even in 2020.

But it’s the reality here…

The fact is that as of 2020, the UK property market is less like Monopoly and more like a miserable game of Snakes & Ladders.

But without the ladders.

It shouldn't be like this...

I’m all about efficiency, and like many others I believe that things should just work.

So why doesn’t the housing market?

Why are people given terrible service and experience, given no certainty, made to put their lives on hold, then made to pay huge fees for the pleasure!?

The solution was obvious...

There should be an alternative!
One that offers home sellers certainty, speed, convenience, and peace-of-mind!

But it gets worse...

Well… It turns out there was an alternative… 

But the “house buying industry” and legions of “we buy any house” companies were another problem. Many were dodgy, untransparent, and often targeted the most vulnerable customers they could find.

Companies in the "House Buying Industry" were notorious for dropping their offer at the last minute, among other unethical practices

The "Chip"

They became best-known for dropping their offer at the last-minute, a practice they lovingly referred to as a “chip” (describing how they chip away at the price).

How did they do it? One quick phone call when the homeowner was all packed up in boxes with removal men outside, and they’d leave the seller with no option but to accept. They'd rip them off for thousands (or even tens of thousands) of pounds at the last minute.

Dodgy contracts tying home sellers in for months (even though they promised a “fast sale”) were rife too

So, for the homeowner who wanted a quick, convenient sale:
They were failed by the traditional property market.

And then they were failed by the burgeoning “house-buying industry”.

Taking on the challenge...

This is when it changed for me.

I’m Matt.

I graduated with a degree in Economics & Business Finance and I’ve got over 12 years' experience in property.

I started my career managing property sales in a small corner of the property industry called “Asset Management”.

Here, I had the experience of getting hundreds of property sales done quickly, smartly, and efficiently for our big, demanding corporate clients (places like huge global banks and other institutions).

Asset management involves getting property sales done quickly and efficiently for massive corporations.

So if we had this quick, convenient way of selling property, why were only these giant corporations benefitting from it?

Why weren’t individual home sellers like you benefitting from it?

Starting out

Home sellers clearly wanted a quicker way to sell – one they were in control of. And the new alternatives (those “chip”-happy home-buying companies) clearly weren’t working.

I really believed there should be a better option for home sellers needing speed, certainty, and simplicity. And I had the experience to create a solution.

A new way of doing things

I came up with six key changes to the way normal house sales work, and four key changes to the way other house-buying companies worked.

We made six key changes to the way traditional house sales worked, and 4 key changes to how our competitors worked

And with that, Yes Homebuyers was born. We set up here – right in the heart of Chester city centre. We buy properties all over England and Wales from our offices here.

So, what are the changes? What makes us, us?

Arriving at our solution

What sets us apart from estate agents

1. We're your buyer

Meaning no estate agents, no waiting for viewings, no haggling over offers, no unqualified buyers, and no chains.

2. We offer quickly

No waiting weeks or months for viewings or serious offers. We conduct our in-depth valuation, then make you an offer quickly.

3. Timeframes to suit you

You pick the completion date, we make it happen (we can do as little as 7 days, or in a timeframe to suit you). Sell now, move when you're ready.

4. Financing is ready

We’ve got financing in place, so no waiting around for buyers with slow mortgage applications (or their own house to sell).

5. The best solicitors

We have long-standing relationships with fast solicitors who are proactive and do everything by email (no snail mail).

Blue icon of a telephone
6. Tailored service

We communicate with you throughout the entire process, meaning you’re always up to date and in control, and any issues are flagged and resolved quickly.

What sets us apart from other "house-buying" companies

7. Guaranteed offer (that won't change)

You want to know our offer won’t change, so we guarantee it. If we were to move the goalposts or change the price, you’d walk away with £1,000. We're in this for the long term, so we want to pay the price we promised.

8. No contracts or tie-ins

If you want to go ahead with our service thatshould be your decision – and if you change your mind, that should be yourdecision too. You’re in control.

9. No quirky deal structures

We want to buy your house. That’s it. We don’t use strange deal structures or try and find a different buyer behind the scenes. We just buy your house.

10. No pushy sales

We’re here to help – not hassle with a hard sell.We’ll give you the information you need to make a decision, then leave that decision up to you.

So, how's it going for Yes Homebuyers?

We started out buying homes around three years ago and the reception has been tremendous.

We’ve already bought around 130 homes from sellers looking for a fast, convenient sale. (Meaning we've saved them over 23,000 days of home selling pain!)

In our first three years we bought over 130 homes, saving our clients over 23,000 days waiting for their homes to sell. And we're just getting started.

We’re so proud to have help those customers make life-changing transitions smoothly, quickly, and effortlessly.

What did they make of the experience?

Absolutely first class company

"There truthfully isn’t one thing I could fault. Honesty, integrity, and continual feedback of progress.

Thank you so much for a fantastic experience!"

Steve H
The best way to sell a house

"Everything went smoothly and I would recommend them to anyone who needs to sell their house quickly.

They really do live up to their word."

Susan S

You can read loads more customer stories and feedback on our reviews page.

We've also been able to re-invest our profits back into our business so we can keep growing, and help more home sellers in the future.
Hopefully you.

Our Company Mission & Aims

The vision

Well, it all sounds great: A quick, convenient, and certain home sale, arranged to suit your timeframes.

So what’s the catch? 

Well, the costs involved with buying and selling homes are extremely high. This means that we can only afford to pay a lower price for your home to cover all our costs and make a profit.

We currently buy properties for about 80-85% of their full value to be able to cover our costs and make a profit.

We want to be able to offer much more in future.

Not everyone can work with a lower price, or wants to. So our service isn’t a fit for everyone just yet.

But we’re still quite small. At the moment we've restricted ourselves to only buying from a few homeowners per month, so it’s ok. But as we expand, we want to help hundreds of homeowners per month.

While we're still young we're limiting the number of homes we buy - only purchasing from a few clients per month.

In the future, we want to be helping hundreds of customers per month.

So as our business grows and efficiency improves and our costs fall, we can begin increasing our offers – making our service a real alternative for more and more sellers.

The wider aim...

What I really really hope is that when homeowners have this kind of alternative, that’s when the rest of the industry will really have to up its game, and start doing better for customers.

We aim to raise standards across the entire property industry by showing that fast, straight-forward home sales with outstanding customer service are not just possible, but are here now.

Estate agents, solicitors and other property professionals will have to evolve and begin offering a greater experience for their customers – get sales done faster, give better customer service. And then we’ll all be better off.

This is where you come in...

Our very next customer: You?

We've got thousands of homeowners to help on our way to changing the property market.

We’d love you to be one of them. So what can you do next?

Get an offer

If you could work with a slightly lower offer in exchange for a fast, convenient, and certain home sale arranged to suit your timeframes then get in touch.

Call me – Matt – on 0800 133 7687 to discuss your options and get an offer from us.

Alternatively, hit one of those big blue “Get An Offer” buttons, then enter your details and we'll call you back.

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