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We’re raising the bar for home sales in the UK, and giving sellers a real alternative to the stress and hassle that often comes with a traditional house sale.

Read on to learn more about our business, our values, and our key people.

Why did we start Yes Homebuyers

We started Yes Homebuyers because selling a house in Englandand Wales is really difficult. Normal house sales:

  • Take a long and uncertain amount of time
  • They’re expensive (lots of fees)
  • And they’re really really stressful.

There has to be a better way…

Our service puts homeowners in control of their sale. 

We set up Yes Homebuyers to give home owners an alternative to the stress, difficulty and uncertainty we’ve all come to expect from house sales.  

By buying your home from you directly and putting you in control of the transaction, you can be sure of an easy, certain, and quick house sale. A homeowner can contact us today, have a formal offer from us within as little as a couple of days, and then really can set a completion date entirely to suit them.  

Our Story So Far

Ever since we formed Yes Homebuyers our focus has always been on the customer.

Our goal is to make every customer’s house move the best they’ve ever had.

We’ve bought over £tens of millions worth of property, from all over England and Wales. We’ve bought from customers as far south as Newquay and as far north as Newcastle – and everywhere else in between.

We’re expanding, and a big driver of our growth is positive word-of-mouth from happy customers we’ve bought from.

We plan to make Yes Homebuyers the nation’s favourite and best-known alternative to a conventional high-street or online estate agent sale, and are investing heavily in our team and in continuous improvements to give more and more customers access to our house-buying service.

Our People

Picture of Matthew Cooper

Matthew Cooper, Managing Director


Matt has an academic background and studied Economics at University. He started working in property straight after he graduated, at an asset management company that worked with mortgage lenders and other financial institutions. Many of the processes Yes Homebuyers follow today come from his experience there.

Current Role

Today, Matt is responsible for many of the business functions outside of dealing with the properties themselves – such as marketing, finance, management, and other projects.

Home Life

Outside of work Matt enjoys spending time with his girlfriend and family, yoga, reading, and long PlayStation sessions.

Our Values

We believe that any company’s first priority should be its customers – not its profits. And this runs throughout everything we do here:

No Pushy Sales

No one likes a pushy sales person. If you speak with our sales team, you’ll see that we’re here to help – not hassle with a hard sell. We’ll provide you with all the information you need to make a decision, and then leave that decision up to you.

No Contracts or Tie-Ins

We don’t believe in contracts or tie-ins. If you want to go ahead with our service that should be your decision – and if you change your mind, that should be your decision too. There’s no contracts or tie-ins with us, ever.

£1,000 Guarantee

If you accept our offer we pay a £1,000 non-refundable deposit to your solicitors, so you know that the price we offer is what you’ll get. If we were to move the goalposts or change the price, you’d walk away with the £1,000.

Flexible Timeframes

Once the sale’s agreed we work to a timeframe that suits you. We can arrange the completion date for a weeks’ time or for many months’ time – it’s up to you. There’s no pressure to complete more quickly than you want for sales targets or any nonsense like that – we work to your date.

Proof of Funds

Unfortunately some property companies pretend to be buyers, when really they’re just looking to pair you up with a different buyer and make a cut in the middle, similar to how an estate agent works. All we do here though is buy property directly from sellers – and so you know we’ve got the money, we make your formal Proof Of Funds document available to every potential customer.

Where do we make our money?

A common question from customers is: if we don’t charge any fees, and we cover your legal fees and so on, then where do we make our money?

As a transparent company it’s important to us that customers know where we make our money and how much money we make.

We step into your shoes as the seller

Our service is about ensuring that you get a swift, certain and convenient house sale, and the only drawback for you is that we buy at a price less than its full value.

Once we’ve bought your property, we effectively step into your shoes as the new seller.

So, to make our money, we now deal with the long, complicated, stressful and drawn-out sale you were hoping to avoid! By going through the lengthy process and selling the house for its full value the company incurs lots more costs, but makes a profit at the end of it too.

Read more about our company profits and costs here.

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