How estate agents can boost earnings and convert pipeline into profit faster

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Get an offer on your vendor's property within 24 hours

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We'll buy their home, and can complete in 2 weeks

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You earn up to 3%+vat per referral

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We buy property directly from sellers and complete in as little as two weeks, making us the perfect option for fixing up broken chains, or for your vendors who want an instant sale.

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"Needed to sell quickly to repair my chain - Yes Homebuyers were perfect"

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"Extremely efficient - Amazing company"

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"give you far greater certainty"

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Key take-aways:

Refer and earn: Up to 3%+vat per referral

Get a guaranteed offer on your client's home within 24 hours

We can complete in as little as 2 weeks

Start referring properties immediately - nothing to sign.


Earn up to 3%+vat per referral

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Earn referral fees. Green cash icon.

1% Sale fee. We cover the seller's agency costs.

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Earn referral fees. Green cash icon.

1% Introducer fee. We pay you a 1%+vat introducer fee.

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Earn referral fees. Green cash icon.

1% Resale fee. And we instruct you for the resale too.

All fees are +vat

Some vendors need speed and certainty in their home sale, but it can be difficult to deliver that with open-market sales - especially in the current market. Our fast home-buying service is a perfect fit for these vendors.

Our new Referral Programme enables you, as the estate agent, to unlock untapped potential in your existing pipeline and make more profit, faster - all while matching your client with the right solution for them.

Learn more about our service below, including: Why referrals work so well for agents, why vendors love our service, and how to get started with referring properties and receiving offers.

Earn more from your pipeline, faster...
While delivering solutions for your client.
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How agents benefit from our new Referral Programme

Get a formal offer on your vendor's property within 24 hours via our new Property Referral Programme – the first of its kind in the UK, and designed with estate agents in mind.

  • Offer Guarantee. Our offers are backed by a £1,000 Guarantee so you (and your vendors) know our offer won't change.
  • Fast Completions. We can complete on your client's home purchase in as little as 2 weeks.
  • More ways to earn. It’s a great way to expand the range of solutions you can offer your customers.
  • Vs Auctions. With speed, certainty, and no up-front fees, our Programme is a powerful alternative to auction referrals.

We buy at a discount to market value, making this the perfect fit for clients who value certainty, speed and convenience above achieving the highest possible price for their home.

When to use our Programme

If you're battling chains that have recently collapsed, or have motivated vendors pushing you for a fast sale, our service can be the perfect solution.

Or do you have stock rapidly approaching the end of its sole agency agreement? If so, you can use us to reinvigorate your chances of earning from those listings.

Our Programme's a new tool in your toolkit giving you the power to guarantee near-instant home sales for your vendors.

Referring properties to Yes Homebuyers...

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Earn more money, faster

Increase profits by earning 3%+vat per referral, and convert pipeline to profit faster with 2-week completions.

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Easy to refer properties

There's no "joining" paperwork to sign, so you can start referring properties and getting offers from us today.

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The end of broken chains

We can step in to save a chain even at the last minute, saving you multiple sales (to the delight of your vendors).

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Real-time case updates

We're hot on sales progression, meaning you (and your customers)  receive continuous updates on all cases.


Refer now, or... Let's just chat

If you have a client who needs a buyer quickly, get in touch now. We'll get some details then can make an offer.

Don't have a referral ready but want to learn more? We'd love to get something in the diary. Hit the green button below to schedule.

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How your clients benefit from our service

Our home-buying service has been growing in popularity since 2014. Here's why homeowners choose to sell their home directly to Yes Homebuyers.

Selling to Yes Homebuyers: What your client gets...

Instant buyer to help you sell your house fast - purple handshake heart icon

1. Instant buyer

We buy your client's property and can complete in as little as 2 weeks.

Cash offer on your house quickly - blue GBP icon

2. We offer quickly

Get a formal offer to present to your client within 24 hours.

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3. Guaranteed price

We pay a £1,000 deposit when your client accepts our offer, so you know it won’t change.

Sell house quickly and in your timeframes - orange calendar icon

4. Flexible timeframes

We can complete in as little as 2 weeks, but can fit neatly into any timeline.

And what your client skips...

Sell house quickly for free, with no fees or cost - purple money bag icon

1. No fees or costs

We don’t charge fees, we'll even cover your fee for the client.

Sell your home quickly without contracts or tie-ins - blue contract icon

2. No contracts or tie-ins

Offers are free and with no obligation. If your client accepts, they're still never tied in.

Sell your home quickly and privately with no viewings required - green icon with a crowd of people to view a property

3. No viewings

A plus for most sellers, and a time-save for you.

Sell your house without waiting around - orange icon of an hourglass

4. No waiting

This truly is the fastest way to sell a house, and a perfect fit for some clients.


Yes Homebuyers Reviews

Don't just take our word for it. Check out our genuine customer reviews below.


How to start earning from referrals now

If you have a client who needs or wants a quicker than normal sale, get in touch with our team. We could solve your client's problem (and get you paid) within as little as two weeks.

Quick initial assessment

Contact us by phone to refer a client. We’ll assess the suitability of our service and talk about rough figures during a 5-10 minute call with you.

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Receive our competitive offer.

If the rough figures we've discussed potentially work, we'll carry out an in-depth desktop valuation. Then we'll call you back within 24 hours with our free, formal, guaranteed offer.

Coordinate completion dates.

If your client accepts our offer we'll carry out all the legal work in the background, then we'll complete on the date your client wants. You get paid on the same day.

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How much do we offer?

By buying your client's home at a discount to its full value we’re able to deliver a certain, stress-free, fast house sale, and guarantee expert support throughout.

Our offers range from around 80-85% of the market value. The exact percentage depends on price bracket, location, strength of comparables, client circumstances (some transactions are stamp duty exempt for us, so we can afford to offer more), and so on.

Take a look at the breakdown below to see how our offer may stack up financially for your vendor.

Many homeowners find this an excellent option even in spite of the lower price, and the earning potential for our partner agents is significant.

Selling to
Selling the traditional route
Property value (example)



Offer amount


(approx 83%)


Selling process
Average time to sell

14-21 days

6-12 months?

Average # of viewings

0 viewings

10+ viewings?

Costs incurred
Estate agent fees


Solicitor fees


Repairs and redecoration


Price reduced after survey


Holding costs
Mortgage payments


Council tax & utilities


Final amount vendor receives



Fast, convenient sale

Peace-of-mind throughout

We cover their agency & legal fees

Long waits


No control

By accepting a little less, home sellers can get so much more. 

To learn more about our Referral Programme and to start earning click below and arrange a call.

By accepting a little less, homeowners can enjoy
speed, certainty, convenience, and peace-of-mind.
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Yes Homebuyers: About Us

We're working hard to build the nation's favourite and best-known alternative to traditional house sales, and estate agents are key partners for us in this journey.


Our service is a perfect complement to estate agency, not a replacement for it.

Home sellers get the highest price by selling with their local estate agent.

But 10 years in the industry has taught us that price isn't the number one priority for every home seller.

Some vendors want speed and certainty, but it can be difficult to deliver that with open-market sales.

We’re the perfect fit for these customers, able to deliver guaranteed offers in 24-hours and completions in 2 weeks.

Our new Referral Programme enables you, as the estate agent, to make more money from your pipeline, faster – all while matching your client with the right solution for them.


Photo of Matthew Cooper, Founder / Managing Director of Yes Homebuyers.

Matthew Cooper

Founder / Managing Director

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Yes Homebuyers vs Auction referrals

Many agents refer clients to auction or modern auction services, and while auctions can sometimes achieve higher prices there are many benefits to using our instant service.

  • Greater speed and certainty. With us there’s no waiting for an auction date, and no uncertainty whether or not your client's home will sell at auction.
  • No up-front fees. Whereas auction entrants pay for a legal pack and their auction-entry fee (totalling £500-£1,000), there are no up-front fees with our service.
  • Greater flexibility for your client. There are no lengthy contracts either, no viewings, and timeframes are set by your client – not by the auction date or terms.

So while auctions can be a great solution, our Referral Programme is a powerful addition to your toolkit and will be the perfect fit for some vendors.

Selling to
Guaranteed sale
Guaranteed price
Flexible Timeframes
No contracts or tie-ins
No costs or fees
No viewings
Learn more about our Property Referral Programme.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How does your Referral Programme work?

We’ve designed the Programme to be simple and accessible to as many agents as possible. So even if you’re in a corporate environment with many of restrictions, you can still use our service.

So, how does it work?

It's simple: We’re a buyer. That’s it.

Don’t overcomplicate it with referral programmes and things. We’re just a buyer, here to buy property.

So if you have a house to sell and your vendor’s happy and able to take a discount in order to get it sold quickly, then call us.

We can have a guaranteed offer with you within 24 hours for you to present to your client.

If your client accepts then we’ll provide solicitor details and complete in as little as two weeks. It really is that simple. (The catch, of course, is that we buy at a discount to the market value, so not all vendors will be able and willing to accept our reduced offer).

If we do purchase the property then we cover your commission, we also pay you a 1%+vat Referral Fee, and we resell the property with you once we’ve bought it - meaning up to 3%+vat per referral.

Why would someone sell their house for less than full market value?

Over 10 years in this industry has taught us that price isn’t the main driver for every home seller.

We've learned that every seller is unique, and each has their own drivers and circumstances.

While there’s a preconception that a service such as ours is for “distressed sellers”, we’ve found that not to be the case.

The majority of our customers use it for the convenience, certainty, and speed it provides. And as we all know, that can be in short supply in the UK housing market – especially as we all continue battling COVID and the aftermath it’s caused.

Why should we refer properties to you, rather than local investors?

Some agents have a list of “local investors” they know who they can call with a deal to get it sold quickly. And if that’s the case, that's great.

But sometimes, these buyers can fail to be as prompt, professional, or reliable as they may initially present themselves to be. And it can leave your vendor in a mess if they don’t deliver as promised.

With our business we survive, grow, and thrive based on those three things: being prompt, professional, and reliable. We literally don’t have a business if we can’t make offers quickly and then complete quickly, at the price we’ve agreed.

So we are like your local investor, we’re just packaged up nicely, with funds ready, and a whole infrastructure in place to facilitate quick completions for your clients, and make sure everyone's happy.

Oh, and we make sure it’s worth your while. We pay generous referral fees, we’ll re-sell the property with you too, and are often able to share leads as well. (We receive a lot of enquiries from sellers who our service isn’t the right fit for, so it’s nice to be able to direct these customers back to the best local agent for them).

Do you deal in distressed sales?

Not nearly as much as you’d expect. The preconception with our service is that it’s for customers in financial difficulties, or those selling inherited properties after a bereavement and other types of issues. But in reality, that's rarely the case.

Don't believe us? Check out the language on our home page. We highlight the ease, simplicity, certainty, and speed of the service. You won't see any mention there of financial difficulties, or language like "we buy any house for cash fast", because it resonates with very few of our customers.

Distressed sellers make up a relatively small share of our business. For example, customers in financial difficult may not have the equity to be able to accept an offer less than the market value, and because lenders repossess far more slowly than they used to it means most sellers will still be able to sell their home on the open market for its full value, even while a lender is pursuing them. They won't need our service - which is a good thing in their case.

After bereavements, there are often a number of beneficiaries with a financial interest in the property, and it’s unusual for several parties to agree to accept a lower offer.

For the most part, our customers are people who view selling their home to us as a luxury service. They can cut out the wait-times and disappointments that often come with selling their home, and just have the thing done and over with quickly.

For some, the certainty, convenience, and speed is a luxury worth paying for.

How can you afford to pay such attractive referral fees?

Our service is really only suitable for a small subset of home sellers.

Reaching niches via marketing is always extremely expensive. It costs thousands of pounds in marketing costs for each property we buy at a discount (not to mention the infrastructure and work in the background that goes into running expensive ad campaigns).

Simply put, this means that if you can bring us acquisitions without us paying for expensive ads all over the Internet, then we can afford to pay that advertising spend to you instead.

We’d much rather put money back into our partners' pockets than hand it over to Google or Facebook too!

When are referral fees paid?

On completion. There 2 or 3 referral fees depending on the location of the property. Here is when each is paid.

  • Sale Fee. Your standard fee for selling the property. We cover this fee on behalf of your vendor, and it’s paid on completion as normal.
  • Introducer Fee. This is an extra £1,000 referral fee we pay you, which is also paid on completion of our purchase.
  • Resale fee. If the property is in your local area, we’ll also instruct you on the sale of it. This fee is paid on completion of the resale.
Do you buy any type of property?

We buy residential property in England, Wales, and in some areas of Scotland. We look at all types of properties up to around £600,000 – including properties with structural issues, legal complications and so on.

So if you’ve got a property you’d like to refer over just get in touch – we’d love to have a look at it. Call our team now if you have a specific property in mind on 0800 133 7687.


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