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To get started with our "we buy any house" service, call us free on 0800 133 7687, or enter your details on our online Offer Form. We’ll make you a completely free, no-obligation offer.

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Solicitors get to work

If you accept our offer we instruct the solicitors and they get to work. Our friendly team will be here to make sure everything happens smoothly and stress-free

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The sale completes!

On the day of completion the money hits your bank account, and we collect the keys.
It really is as simple as that ... House Buying is what we do!

We Buy Any House

At Yes Homebuyers we keep things simple and, well, we can’t put it any more simply than this: We buy any house, anywhere, in any condition. Regardless of your home's size, age, condition or anything else, we buy your house in a quick, private house sale.

Fast sale, no stress, no hassle

On average it takes months to find a buyer for your house, and unfortunately, some homeowners never find a buyer at all. Many sellers wait and wait, and are left thinking “please, anybody, just buy my house!”. If this sounds at all familiar then our quick house buying service is the perfect solution. We’re here to give you a way to sell your house fast – without the stress or the wait that you’d normally expect. There are no hidden fees, and in fact there are no costs to you whatsoever.

Why Yes Homebuyers?

Get a good offer, quickly

Getting a good price on your house can be tricky… and doing it quickly is almost impossible! So if you want to value your house our valuation tool is set up to be quick, fair and competitive. We value your house based on it’s current condition and market value, then quickly make our offer.

No pressure, and flexible timeframes

When we make our offer it’s guaranteed for 28 days. That means there’s no pressure to quickly decide what you want to do. Once you’ve accepted our offer we can complete in as little as a week, or within a timeframe to suit your needs. We just work whatever timeframes suit you best.

An entirely private house sale

Who wants the nosey neighbours knowing their business?! Each of our purchases are entirely private house sales. Unlike traditional house sales, your home won’t be advertised online for the world to see, and your neighbours won’t know your business!

Totally Free

It’s simple: there are no costs. You don’t pay any estate agents, you don’t pay a solicitor (we cover their fees), and you don’t pay us. We buy any home so just say “buy my house”, and we will! We’ll cover your fees, and we won’t charge you a penny - guaranteed.

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Case Study: Pay off debts

We needed to sell our house quickly after we ran into some problems. We didn’t have long so we looked for a webuyanyhouse company who could buy from us quickly.

We’re so glad we found Yes Homebuyers – we called them and the whole process was so simple compared with sales I’ve had in the past. Every person we dealt with there was fantastic too.

For a webuyanyhouse service, it was completely what we were hoping for, and we’d recommend them to anyone who needs to sell quickly or just doesn't want the fuss you normally get when you want to sell your house.

-- Mr and Mrs Birchall, Stoke-on-Trent, August 2017

Case Study: Fix a broken chain

We’d been house hunting and our dream home came up for sale nearby. We didn’t want to miss out, so we started looking for a private house sale company to make as an offer. We saw a Yes Hombuyers advert saying “we buy any house”, so we thought we’d give them a call.

Their team were quick, professional, and very helpful on the steps to selling our home. They were also polite. We accepted their offer, they got everything done quickly, and we got our dream home!

If you’re planning to sell your house fast and you don’t want the fuss that usually comes with it, you should definitely give Yes Homebuyers a call. They were great with us and we’re so glad we called them!

-- Mrs Norman, Rotherham, August 2017

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Trusted by home sellers nationwide

There are other UK companies offering a "webuyanyhouse" service, but many of these companies are unregulated, meaning they can get away with using unfair and questionable practices. When you consider selling your house to a company, only ever deal with a company who are members of the Property Ombudsman, and who conform to its strict Code of Conduct.

Yes Homebuyers are members of The Property Ombudsman (TPO), and we take pride in complying fully with the rules they’ve set out. Be careful to never deal with house buying companies who aren’t members.

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