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Information about us and the company founders


Why We Started Yes Homebuyers

Yes Homebuyers are a growing company based in Chester, UK. We’ve been established nearly five years, and our two founders – Kelvin Elliott and Matthew Cooper – have over 20 years of combined experience working in the property industry.

We started Yes Homebuyers because selling a house in England and Wales is really difficult. Normal house sales:

  • take a long and uncertain amount of time
  • they’re expensive
  • and they’re really really stressful.

We knew there needed to be an alternative.


Our service gives home owners a house sale on their terms.

We set up Yes Homebuyers to give home owners an alternative to the stress, hassle and uncertainty we’ve all come to expect from house sales.

By buying your home from you directly and putting you in control of the transaction, you can be sure of a simple, certain, and convenient house sale. A homeowner can contact us today, have a formal offer from us within as little as a couple of days, and then really can set a completion date entirely to suit them.


Our Story So Far

Ever since we formed Yes Homebuyers, our focus has always been on the customer.

Our goal is to make every customer’s house move the best they’ve ever had.

We’ve bought nearly £10m worth of property, from all over England and Wales. We’ve bought from customers as far south as Torquay and as far north as Newcastle – and everywhere else in between.

We’re expanding rapidly and a big driver of our growth is positive word-of-mouth from happy customers we’ve bought from.

Our goal is to be the nation’s favourite and best-known alternative to a conventional high-street or online estate agent sale, and are investing heavily in our team and in continuous improvements to give more and more customers access to our signature house buying service.


The People Behind The Business

Kelvin Elliott

Purchasing Director & Co-Founder


Kelvin has a passion for all things property and has been buying, renovating and selling properties since the age of 18.

He has a vast amount of experience in dealing with all types of property transactions, ranging from straight-forward freehold acquisitions to complicated unmortgageable leasehold properties and everything in between.

There isn’t much that Kelvin hasn’t come across in his property career. He’s an expert in his field, and all our customers benefit from his wealth of experience and vast knowledge base.

Over the years Kelvin’s been involved in numerous large-scale projects, but his favourite is the full refurbishment of a city centre Georgian property which, after refurbishment, went on to become a 5-star boutique Hotel. It was featured in The Times and accredited by the Michelin guide, which highlights his meticulous eye for detail and relentless pursuit of perfection.

Current Role

As our Purchasing Director, Kelvin personally oversees every single purchase that we make. Kelvin is passionate that all the team at Yes Homebuyers go above and beyond for all of our customers, and he is continually working on systems and on continuous training for the rest of the team here to ensure that our house buying service helps make every one of our customers’ next home moves the best and easiest they’ve ever had.

Home Life

Kelvin is a husband and a father of two children, and loves nothing more than spending time with his family. He is also a keen runner and cyclist and has his sights set on competing in the Enduroman Triple Ultra Marathon, where competitors swim 7.2 miles, ride 336 miles and run 78 miles all within 64 hours. Rather him than us!

Matthew Cooper

Finance Director & Co-Founder


Matt is an academic, and loves nothing more than solving complex equations.

With a background in Economics, Matt is in his element when he is crunching numbers and neatly putting his findings into well laid-out graphs, charts and spreadsheets.

His favourite chart at the moment is a Gantt Chart, but this changes regularly. We’re often left to wonder what the chart of the month will be next month, and we’re never disappointed when we find out.

Matt started his property career working for one of the highest-performing property asset management companies in the UK, which dealt with residential properties for mortgage lenders and other financial institutions. Matt’s extensive background working with large institutions has helped us develop many of the processes we use today to deliver our exceptional service.

Current Role

Matt is responsible for many of the business functions here, and personally oversees marketing, finance, and the planning and execution of expansion plans. It is Matt’s mission to position Yes Homebuyers as the UK’s first mainstream home-buying service, and we’re working tirelessly to become the default choice for homeowners wanting a simple, certain and convenient house sale.

Home Life

Outside of work Matt enjoys practicing Yoga, and spending quality time with his partner. Matt is a self-confessed nerd, and enjoys nothing more than losing himself in the virtual world of gaming after a long day of crunching numbers at the office. He also loves hiking and rock climbing.


Our Five Founding Principles

We believe any company’s first priority should be its customers – not its profits.  Everything we do here is about giving customers the best experience possible – giving you a house sale on your terms.

Some great examples of our customer-focused approach to business:

No Pushy Sales

No one likes a pushy sales person. So we’re here to help, not hassle with a hard sell.

We are the Buyer

£1,000 Guarantee

What we offer is what we pay, so to prove it and give you peace of mind, we pay a £1,000 deposit to your solicitor when the sale’s agreed.

Proof of Funds

We believe in transparency, so we make our Proof Of Funds document available online so you know we’re genuine.

No Contract or Tie-Ins

If you go ahead that’s your decision – if you change your mind, that’s your decision too.

Flexible Timeframes to Sell Your House Fast

Flexible Timeframes

Once you’ve accepted our offer we work to a completion date to suit you – whether it’s a couple of week or many months, it’s your call.


Where Do We Make Our Money?

A common question from customers is: if we don’t charge any fees, and we cover your legal fees and so on, then where do we make our money?

As a transparent company it’s important to us that customers know where we make our money and how much money we make.

Our service is about ensuring that you get a swift, certain and convenient house sale, and the only drawback for you is that we buy at a price less than its full value.

Once we’ve bought your property, we effectively step into your shoes as the new seller.

So, to make our money, we now deal with the long, complicated, stressful and drawn-out sale you were hoping to avoid! By going through the lengthy process and selling the house for it’s full value the company incurs lots more costs, but makes a profit at the end of it too.

Read more about our company profits and costs here.


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