Non-Standard Construction

We normally think of houses as being built with bricks and mortar. But it's not always the case. Over the decades houses have been built out of all sorts of different things - usually to try and save on building costs. These are "non-standard construction" properties.

As it turns out, some weren't such a great idea. Many have proven to be much less durable, which has a couple of main consequences: For one, they can be more costly to insure and maintain. But secondly, some mortgage lenders won't touch them. After all, mortgages can be 25+ years, and if the lender doesn't think the property's going to hold up over that period, they won't want to lend on it.

If buyers can't get a mortgage for your home then you may really struggle to sell it - and might end up needing to sell at a discount to a cash buyer... This is why non-standard construction properties can be a real nightmare for homeowners.

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