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"Wanted a company to buy my house fast... Yes Homebuyers did just that."

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"Personal, fast and efficient. The best way to sell a house"

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"Wanted a company to buy my house fast... Yes Homebuyers did just that."

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"Personal, fast and efficient. The best way to sell a house"

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Key take-aways:

We buy your house from you quickly.

It's the fastest, most convenient home sale possible (and no estate agents involved).

Call now to get a rough offer in the next 5 mins, and a formal offer within 24 hours.


Why use a "Buy My House" company?

So, you want to sell your house but you want to skip the hassle and long waits.

You just want a quick, easy, and guaranteed house sale. With our “Buy My Home” service that’s exactly what you’ll get.

We’ve simplified and streamlined the home selling process, removing everything that makes it so difficult and putting you back in control of your house sale.

Here are some of the best reasons to use our “Buy My Home” service.

What you get in a home sale to Yes Homebuyers...

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1. Instant buyer

We buy your house from you directly, and can complete in as little as two weeks.

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2. We offer quickly

Receive a formal offer for us to buy your house within 24-48 hours.

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3. Guaranteed price

We pay a £1,000 deposit when you accept our offer, so you know it won’t change.

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4. Flexible timeframes

Sell now, move when you’re ready. We’ll work to the timeframes to suit you.

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And what you skip...

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1. No fees or costs

We don’t charge fees, there’s no agent to pay, and we cover your legal fees.

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2. No contracts or tie-ins

Get a free offer with no obligation. And if you accept, you’re still never tied in.

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3. No viewings

Because who wants strangers traipsing through their home?

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4. No waiting

We're a genuine "buy my home" company, ready to buy now. This really is the fastest way to sell your house.


Our Buy My House Reviews

You, as the home seller, are our #1 priority. Without you we don't have a business.

So our aim as a company is always to give you the smoothest, easiest home sale you've ever had.

Check out our genuine “buy my house reviews" below, from other home sellers just like you.


How to use our "Buy My Home" service

There are loads of things that make selling your home so difficult. So we redesigned the entire home-selling process to remove as many of those things as possible.

What does this mean for you?

It means a simple, straight-forward home sale. It means you can call us today and complete on the sale of your home within as little as 2 weeks.

Here’s how it works.

Get in touch.

Place an enquiry through our website or call us now. We’ll just need to know a few things about your home to get started.

Step one of our "Buy My Home Now" service: Get in touch. Picture of a couple browsing our website.
Step two of our "buy my house UK" process: Receive our offer. Couple of laptop consult with one another.

Receive our competitive offer.

We'll conduct a free, no-obligation valuation then submit our competitive offer. Our offers are backed by a guarantee and there’s nothing to sign – meaning you're in control.

Pick your completion date.

If you accept our offer then solicitors get to work in the background, and we’ll complete on the purchase on the date you’ve picked. On that date the money arrives in your bank account.

Step three of our "Buy my house fast" service - pick your completion date. Picture of a couple celebrating after selling your house.


Get a FREE cash offer today.

Find out in the next 5 minutes how much you can get for your home through our “buy my house now” service. Our team are ready and waiting to speak with you.

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Comparing ways to sell your house

So you’re thinking you just want someone to “buy my house now”. But what makes us different to selling via estate agents, or to other home buyers? Check out our comparison table.

Best "buy my house fast" option

Quicker than estate agents

Most reliable "buy my home" company

Complete your sale in as little as 14 days.

"Buy my home now" service
Estate Agents
Guaranteed sale
No contracts or tie-ins
£1,000 deposit
Price match guarantee
Flexible timeframes
No costs or fees
No chains
No viewings


Reasons to use a "buy my house" company

Couple smiling at camera after using our "buy my house fast" service.

Trying to sell your home and move house is often ranked as one of the most stressful life events. The process can be full of frustration, delays and disappointments.

Although this lengthy home sale process may be the right way to get the highest price for your home, it doesn’t necessarily work for everyone.

Sometimes you may need or want to just sell your house and get moving on to your next chapter.

If that sounds like you, then our “buy my home” service is perfect.

Selling to us directly is about putting you back in control of your house sale.

We get rid of the delays and stress, and enable you to sell your house and move on quickly, and easily.

There are lots of reasons customers use our service. Here are some of the biggest.

Buy my house for chain repair: icon of a chain

Chain repair. House sale fallen through

If you’re in a chain and you’ve lost your buyer, you may stand to lose your purchase too. We can make you an offer quickly, step in in place of your previous buyer, and make sure you still get the house you want with our housing chain repair service →

Buy my home for relocation or emigration: green icon of an arrow

Relocation. Moving abroad or for work

Timing the sale of your property to tie in with another major life event, such as emigrating or relocating for work, can be extremely difficult. But we can buy on your timeline, so you can sell your home before you relocate →

Use our "buy my house" service for downsizing and retirement: Purple icon of a sun umbrella on a beach

Downsizing & Retirement. Starting a new chapter

Time gets more valuable as we grow older, and waiting a year for your home to sell may be something you just don’t want to do. We buy your house quickly to downsize for retirement →

Use our "buy my property" service to sell an inherited property. Orange icon of will.

Inheritance. Sell an inherited property quickly

If you’ve inherited a property from a loved you may want to sell it quickly – either for emotional or financial reasons. We can make you an offer quickly and guide you through the whole process of selling an inherited property →

Use our "buy my property" service to sell an unwanted investment property. Green icon of a "To Rent" sign.

Buy-to-let. Unwanted investment property

More and more buy-to-let landlords are retiring or simplifying their lives. Selling tenanted homes can be difficult, but we can buy your tenanted property, making the process much easier.

Use Yes Homebuyers "buy my house" service to sell your home and move on quickly after a divorce. Purple icon of an arrow splitting.

Divorce. Selling house after divorce

If you’ve recently divorced or separated then selling your house quickly can help you both move on with your lives much sooner. We oversee the process throughout to help you sell your house after a divorce →

A fast, simple sale solves so many problems. Don't wait.
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How much does a "Buy My House" company offer?

Unfortunately, no genuine "buy my house for cash" company can offer you full market value for your home.

The only want to get the full value is by selling with a traditional estate agent, but this can take months and the process can be full of delays and pitfalls.

However, if you’re happy to sell your home at a discount to its full value, then we’re able to guarantee you a quick, certain, stress-free house sale, and do all the heavy-lifting every step of the way.

You’ll make serious cost savings too which help offset the lower price. It’s easy to overlook these costs when thinking about selling. Have a look at our handy comparison table below.

Selling to
Selling via Estate Agents
Property value (example)



Offer amount


(approx 83%)


Selling process
Average time to sell

21 days

6-12 months?

Average # of viewings

0 viewings

10+ viewings?

Costs incurred
Estate agent fees


Solicitor fees


Repairs and redecoration


Price reduced after survey


Holding costs
Mortgage payments


Council tax & utilities


Final amount you receive



We buy your house quickly

No hassle

No fees

Long waits


No control

By accepting a little less, you can get so much more. 

Selling your house quickly to Yes Homebuyers gives you speed, certainty, convenience, and peace-of-mind.

Get a FREE offer now →
By accepting a little less, you can get so much more:
Speed, certainty, convenience, and peace-of-mind.
Get an offer →Get an offer


Yes Homebuyers: About Us

We’re striving to build the nation’s favourite “buy my house” company, and the #1 alternative to traditional house sales. Read more about our story.


Selling your home is a difficult, lengthy task, and selling quickly can seem almost impossible.

In 2014 we started working on an alternative.

We wanted to put you, the seller, in control of your home sale, and make it easy for you to find someone to “buy my house quickly”.

So we rebuilt the entire process from the ground up.

Now, we can make an offer to buy your house fast, and then complete on the sale as quickly as you need us to. It’s that simple.

We’re raising the bar for home sales in the UK, and giving sellers a real way to skip the market backlog move on quickly.


Photo of Matthew Cooper, Founder / Managing Director of Yes Homebuyers.

Matthew Cooper

Founder / Managing Director

Learn more about Yes Homebuyers. About Us →


Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any cost for a valuation?

No. The valuation is conducted for free, and with no obligation.

At Yes Homebuyers there are no fees whatsoever - there are no estate agent costs to pay because we buy from you directly, and we even cover your legal fees.

What types of homes do you purchase?

We can consider any residential property in England or Wales.

How do you value my home?

First we gather information from you about your home, then we complete thorough online research using sophisticated valuation tools.

If we can find plenty of data about the sale of other similar properties nearby then we’ll be able to make you a formal, guaranteed offer within a day or so.

If there isn’t so much information available online then we instruct two local estate agents to visit your home and give their feedback. This all takes place within as little as a couple of days.

Once we've gathered all the information we need, we spend time assessing it to establish our valuation - then we can make our offer.

A fast home sale I'm in control of? ... What's the catch?

We make a profit by purchasing your home for less than it's full value.

By buying your home from you at a discount to its full value the company is able to make a profit, meaning we're able to give you:

  • A certain, stress-free sale
  • Arrange it to suit your timeframes
  • And guarantee you expert support throughout.

So although you get a fast home sale to suit you (easy, simple, quick, and stress-free), this means you will receive less than if you were to sell your home in a traditional sale.

I want someone to buy my house fast for cash... Can you?

Yes – we purchase homes with a pre-approved buying facility, making us as good as a cash buyer. We can make you an offer today, and complete in as little as two weeks.

Are "buy my house" companies legitimate?

Over the years there have been a large number of complaints and headlines about unethical practices from “Buy My House” companies.

Although we can't point the finger at any individual company, we can say that the concerns about the legitimacy of some of these companies are well founded.

We can’t speak for other companies and how they do business, but we can speak for ourselves:

We don’t use any of the tactics you may read about in the newspapers.

We’ve covered this in more detail in our “We Buy Any House Complaints” section – it’s worth having a read through to make sure you know what to look out for if you’re shopping around amongst other companies.

We are working hard to build our own reputation, and the reputation of our industry, as a fair, open and honest service that can make a real difference to people’s lives. And we’re doing it by putting our customers first in every area of our business.

Check out our "Buy my house" Reviews section to learn more.

Are there companies that will buy my house?

Yes! That's what this page is all about. We can make you a genuine, guaranteed offer within 24 hours, and complete on the purchase of your home in as little as two weeks. Click here to read more about why home sellers choose to sell directly to Yes Homebuyers.

Who is the best company to buy your house?

Of course, we’d love to tell you we’re the best.

And while we completely believe we are, here are the things to look out for so you can compare companies yourself:

  • No contracts. The company should not ask you to sign anything. (Especially not with “valuers” they’ve sent to your house).
  • Deposits & Guarantees. The company should pay you a deposit when you accept the offer (so you know they won’t change it later on)
  • Solicitors. The company should let you choose your own solicitor if you’d like to, and should also cover their fee. They should not force you to use a solicitor they recommend.
  • Beware of "regulation". Membership with The Property Ombudsman and National Association of Property Buyers does not necessarily mean a company is ethical, fair, or legitimate. So beware of companies that over-sell being members of these organisations. Their actions need to speak louder than their words. Always follow the advice here, and in our "We Buy Any House Complaints" section.

So while it would be biased for us to call ourselves the best company to buy your house, we can certainly tell you that any company who doesn’t follow those guidelines is not the best.

We follow all those guidelines. If you’re looking to sell to a “Buy my house” company then place an enquiry with us today. We’ll make you a free, no-obligation, formal, guaranteed offer in as little as 24-48 hours. Call now: 0800 133 7687.


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