Online Estate Agents

For as long as we can all remember the property market in the UK has been a nightmare. Things are slow, it's frustrating, the process is full of setbacks, everyone seems to dislike estate agents...

We collectively thought that online estate agents were going to come along in the 2010s and revolutionise and "disrupt" the whole industry, and fix everything for us...

But it didn't quite pan out that way. Things are as bad as ever. Some would argue they're even worse.

The move online agents made towards taking upfront fees rather than a percentage on completion (remember those "commisery" ads?) was meant to be part of the revolution... But it turned out that by paying your agent upfront, they didn't have much incentive left to put the legwork in to actually sell your house.

So the debate continues: Is an online agent best? Or a high-street agent one? What about the hybrids? It's still all up for debate.

FAQs about Online Estate Agents

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