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How we value your house and make you an offer

To make an offer on your property the first thing we’ll need to do is value your house. So how do we find out how much your house is worth?

We start with you

The first stage in valuing your property is to spend some time on the phone with you gathering information about your property, its internal condition, and about the local area.

We then use sophisticated valuation software to examine your local market, area, and recent comparable house sales nearby. When this “desktop valuation” has been completed we'll call to give you an idea of what our offer is likely to be.

This happens within 24 hours of your initial enquiry with us, meaning you can quickly establish whether or not we're going to be a good option for you.

If you’re happy with the ballpark valuation figure, we begin work on making you a formal offer.

How we make our formal offer

If you’d like us to make a formal offer then we instruct independent, local estate agents from your area to come and have a quick look around your property and then report back.

Getting opinions from estate agents nearby to you ensures an accurate, impartial valuation. Unlike some other house buying companies Yes Homebuyers do not send out sales reps or our own “valuers”. We only use independent local experts to help establish the value of your house.

Once we have these reports we can aggregate all the feedback we’ve received to best determine what the value of your house is. We call this the “full market value”. As a rough guide, we generally consider this to be around the price you’d achieve after around 6 months on the open market with a local estate agent.

Clients can normally expect to receive our formal offer within 7 working days of contacting us.

"The way we value property ensures an accurate, impartial valuation by using sophisticated valuation software and the opinions of local, independent experts"

How do I know that my house won't be undervalued?

Simply put, we’re here to buy property – we have the funds available to buy, and we want to buy as many houses as possible.

We know that the more money we can offer for your house, the more likely it is that you can accept our offer. After all, if our offer is too low, you can just reject it and walk away at no cost, and we’d lose the business.

So we want to offer as much as possible, taking our other business costs into account.

Our valuation process is set up to try and build a true picture of how much your house is worth so that we can make you our best possible offer.

How much do you offer?

Once we’ve established the full market value of your home we can make our offer. This will usually be within 7 days of your initial enquiry with us.

Our offer is, on average, around 80% of the market value figure – but it can be more or slightly less depending on other circumstances. This is to allow us to make an offer that’s more tailored to your specific property.

As an example, if your property was worth £100,000, our offer would be in the region of £80,000. We can buy your house very quickly and with no fuss, and have the money in your account quickly.

"Our offer is, on average, around 80% of the market value figure – but it can be more or slightly less depending on other circumstances."

What if I don't want to accept your offer?

That's fine - if we can't make you an offer that you're happy to accept, you simply reject it and explore other options. Our valuation is completely free, and with no obligation.

If you do decide to reject our offer, it’s worth bearing in mind that we generally leave our offer on the table for around 12 weeks. This means that if you choose to reject our offer but then change your mind later, you can get back in touch and we’ll be happy to stand by our original price.

What if I do want to accept your offer? 

Simple - just let us know, and we'll start the ball rolling with the next steps.

So... How much is my house worth?

The only way to find out exactly how much your house if worth, and how much we can offer, is to get in touch now.

Please either give us a call on 0800 133 7687 now or complete our enquiry form to the right.

Our team will be straight in touch for a bit more information, and within 24 hours we can give you an idea of what our formal offer would be.

If that figure stacks up for you we could have a formal offer with you within a few days, and be completing on the purchase shortly after.

And if we can’t make you the offer you want, then at the very least we guarantee you some helpful, free advice from our friendly team of experts.

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