Do you do any further ID checks?

Yes. Unfortunately, as a house-buying company who buy houses fast and nation-wide, we are a prime target for fraudsters.

So to protect all our genuine customers (and homeowners in general) we insist on a quick ID check with all our clients.

Answered by
Matthew Cooper
August 5, 2020

Detailed Answer:

Extra ID checks for fraud prevention

Unfortunately, as a home-buying company who purchase homes quickly and all over the country, we are a prime target for fraudsters.

Types of property frauds

One of the common frauds that take place is a type of identity theft whereby a tenant or someone else who gains access to your property pretends to be you, sells the house, and disappears with the money...

Alarmingly, this really does happen. The transaction can often be reversed and you should end up with your home back, but only after a lengthy legal process. Really not a good situation at all.

So to protect all our genuine customers, and homeowners in general, we insist on a quick ID check with all our clients.

How does the ID check work?

We use a company to come out and verify your ID. An agent from the company will come to meet with you at the property to see copies of a few of the usual documents (passport/driving license, utility bills etc), as well as some other ones that are usually more difficult for fraudsters to obtain.

The appointment will usually only last around 15 minutes or so, and is extremely straight forward. We'll talk you through it in advance so that you're prepared, and can get the appointment out of the way quickly and effortlessly.

As always, this is done at our cost – not yours, and is in place to protect all parties. We can arrange it at a time to suit you as well, meaning it'll cause as little hassle as possible.

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How long will it take after I accept your offer?

Short answer:

It usually takes 14-21 days between when you accept our offer, and completion taking place. (Much less than the 2-3 months it usually takes)

If you'd like more time (or if you need your sale faster than 14-21 days) then speak with our team. Our job is to complete on a date to suit you.

Many customers want longer in between to get their other plans in place - this is absolutely fine. And some customers want a faster sale. Speak with us if you do need a very fast sale - we can probably speed up our usual process if you really need.

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After I accept your offer will I deal with one person, or a call centre?

Short answer:

You'll have a single point of contact. It's their job to oversee the sale and make sure it happens in your timeframes. They'll keep you updated throughout, and you can call or email them any time.

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Do I need a solicitor?

Short answer:

Yes, you'll have a solicitor who acts for you. This won’t cost you anything though, as we cover your legal fees.

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