How long does it take to get the survey result?

We instruct the survey right at the start of the process - right after you've accepted our offer. This means we usually have the survey result within about 10 days of you accepting our offer.

Answered by
Matthew Cooper
August 6, 2020

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Why do you get a survey on my property?

Short answer:

Yes. The survey is only used to check for major defects (things like subsidence, for example). It's not used to "pick holes" in your property.

Survey results very rarely affect our offer or our ability to purchase your home.

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How do I know you won't reduce your offer after the survey?

Short answer:

It's not in our interest to reduce our offers because our reputation is crucial to us. Reducing our offer would be letting our customer down in the worst way possible. It would lead to bad reviews - meaning less customers in the future.

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What happens in the survey?

Short answer:

A qualified RICS surveyor will visit your house and have a quick walk around. There won't be anything you need to do, and there are very rarely any questions for you. They then return to their office to compile their report.

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