How long will it take after I accept your offer?

Short Answer:

It usually takes 14-21 days between when you accept our offer, and completion taking place. (Much less than the 2-3 months it usually takes)

If you'd like more time (or if you need your sale faster than 14-21 days) then speak with our team. Our job is to complete on a date to suit you.

Many customers want longer in between to get their other plans in place - this is absolutely fine. And some customers want a faster sale. Speak with us if you do need a very fast sale - we can probably speed up our usual process if you really need.

Long Answer:

Standard time is 2-3 weeks

It typically 14-21 days between the time you accept our offer, and the sale completing. This allows time for the solicitors to do all the compliance work & due diligence they need to. (Note, this is much less than the 2-3 months it tends to take in a traditional sale!)

That's faster than many customers want

Lots of our customers want more time to get their other plans in place - 2-3 weeks would be a rush. So we just work to your timeframes. Some customers want to agree a sale with us today, and complete in 2-3 months time - perhaps to tie in with their ongoing purchase, or to give them time to sort plans for relocating etc.

But we can go faster if you need

Likewise, if you need a much faster completion, speak with us. We're here to get the sale done on your timeframes. We've been able to buy in as little as 3 days before, so if you really need a very fast sale we may still be able to help.  

We can often move faster though if you need – so please discuss your requirements with our team. We will always aim to complete on the date that suits you best.

Are there any exceptions?

Yes - there are circumstances where it'll take longer than 2-3 weeks.

Is it because of the financing?

No. The financing takes very little time to get in place. This is because we have a pre-agreed facility to finance our purchases (we don’t rely on mortgages like normal buyers).

So it's because of the solicitor work?

Yes. We're professional buyers, so our solicitors do the full, usual compliance work like any other purchase. Our solicitors just do it much faster than average.

We also use other smart workarounds to speed things up, such as taking out indemnity policies (which are like insurances) against some of the checks. This can help speed things up.

So it can be take longer if complications come up with my property?

Yes (but this is uncommon). Things can come up in the due-diligence which then cause delays. This is usually if a property is found to have serious legal issues. These kinds of issues are really uncommon, and if your home is affected you'll usually already know. For example, you might have heard about neighbours really struggling to sell because of a similar issue.

In summary

So in summary:

  • We can usually have the money with you 14-21 days after you accept our offer. (That's lightning fast compared with the usual 2-3 months).
  • We'll be keeping you informed throughout the whole process, so you always know what's going on.
  • If 14-21 days is too fast, just let us know. We're here to work to your timeframes.
  • If you need a much faster sale let our team know. We’ll always do our best to accommodate your requirements.
  • If complications do come up which are going to cause delays then we'll let you know as early in the process as possible. There's very little we haven't seen before so we'll be able to find a way forward - but it may take more time. Such issues are very uncommon though.

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After I accept your offer will I deal with one person, or a call centre?

Short answer:

You'll have a single point of contact. It's their job to oversee the sale and make sure it happens in your timeframes. They'll keep you updated throughout, and you can call or email them any time.

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Do I need a solicitor?

Short answer:

Yes, you'll have a solicitor who acts for you. This won’t cost you anything though, as we cover your legal fees.

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Can I use my own solicitor?

Short answer:

Yes. We usually direct sellers towards solicitors solicitor who we know can work quickly. However if you're more comfortable using your own solicitor this is absolutely fine - you're in control.

(We cover their legal fees either way)

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