Is the process confidential?

Absolutely. Your information is never sold or disclosed to other parties, no "For Sale" or "Sold" board will appear outside the property, and your home will not appear "on the market".

Answered by
Matthew Cooper
July 30, 2020

Detailed Answer:

Secure, confidential database

When you enquire about selling your home with us your information is stored on our secure database. We do not share your information with any other company for any purposes. You're our client, and we're the only ones who'll have your details. The records can also be destroyed if you'd like us to to remove you from our systems.

Off-market sale

In terms of the sale itself, it's also completely private and confidential. There will be no "for sale" or "sold" board put up outside your home. Also, because we're buying your home from you directly it will not be advertised for sale anywhere (meaning it won't be on Rightmove or Zoopla, or in estate agent windows etc).

We understand that privacy is important to many people - especially when it comes to selling your home. This is one of the reasons that a home sale to Yes Homebuyers is designed to be as private and confidential as possible.

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Why should I sell my house to Yes Homebuyers?

Short answer:

Selling your home with a local estate agent can take a long time, and can be very stressful, uncertain, and frustrating.

Selling to Yes Homebuyers removes the stress, hassle, and uncertainty. We buy your home from you directly, putting you in control, and getting things moving to your timeframes.

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How long have Yes Homebuyers been around for?

Short answer:

We were founded in 2014, and have been purchasing property ever since. Click here to read more about us.

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How quickly can you buy my house?

Short answer:

We usually say around 14-21 days to allow time for the legal process.

However, we can work faster if you need us to. (We've bought a house in as little as two days before). If you need a quicker sale just let us know.

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