Who exactly is buying my property?

Short Answer:

We are.

"Yes Homebuyers" is a trading name of Matthew Cooper Property Consultancy Ltd - which is the name that will show up on the legal paperwork.

This means the transaction is very straight forward, and can be completed quickly.

Long Answer:

We buy your property

We are buying your property from you directly.

“Yes Homebuyers” is a trading name of Matthew Cooper Property Consultancy Ltd - which is the name that will show up on the legal paperwork. This means that the transaction is very straight forward and can be completed quickly.

Beware of property brokers - who don't buy your property

Many companies pretend to be property buyers, but really they’re just property brokers. They’ll agree a price with you and sign you into a contract, but then instead of buying from you they’ll try and find someone else to buy the property.

This offers you no certainty whatsoever about how long the sale will take, or what price you’ll actually end up, or whether it will even happen at all.

You should be extremely cautious about companies like this who offer this service. It benefits them, at your expense. We never use option agreements, and we aren't a property broker.

How do I know the difference between a buyer and a broker

As a good rule of thumb, if the company sends one of their sales reps or in-house “valuers” to see you at your property there’s a good chance that they have ulterior motives.

After all, we can accurately value any property anywhere in the country without sending someone from our team to the property. So why do they need to? 

Brokers want to sign you into a contract

If the sales rep or the company ever ask you to sign a purchase agreement (also known as an option agreement) then run a mile. This is the legal contract that property brokers use to try and tie you in while they find someone else to buy your house. What is this bad for you? 

  • It gives you the downside of selling to a home buying company (the lower price)
  • As well as the downside of selling with an estate agent (the stress, uncertainty, and longer wait times).

Don't sign one.

If you don't want to sell through an estate agent, make sure you come to a property buyer, and don't fall into the trap of ending up with a broker.

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How much do you offer?

Short answer:

We generally offer around 80-90% of the full market value.

By buying your home from you at a discount to its full value we’re able to give you a certain, stress-free sale and guarantee you expert support throughout.

You'll also make thousands of pounds worth of cost savings that help offset the lower price. Many of these costs are surprising and are often overlooked when selling.

So although the discount seems substantial at first, a fast sale may cost much less than you think.

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Why would I sell my house for less than its full value?

Short answer:

Selling your home the traditional way (with an estate agent) will usually get you the highest price, but it can be uncertain, stressful, and drawn-out.

A home sale to Yes Homebuyers guarantees you speed, certainty, convenience, and peace of mind. And for some sellers the lower price is well worth it.

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How do you submit your offer to me?

Short answer:

We'll call you and talk through the offer over the phone. We'll take as long as you need and you can ask as many questions as you'd like.

We then confirm our offer in writing to you as well as part of our Offer Pack.

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Selling your home to Yes Homebuyers

  • We buy your home directly from you so you can sell your house fast and avoid waiting around to find a buyer on the regular market. 
  • You can get a "ballpark" offer from us within 5 minutes, a formal offer within 24 hours, and we can complete on the purchase of your home in as little as 2 weeks.
  • Our quickest purchase was made within six days.
  • We guarantee the price we will pay, unlike some buying platforms who reduce their offer shortly before completion.
  • There are no fees or costs involved and we cover all legal fees involved.
  • There are no contracts or tie-ins even if you accept an offer, and no viewings to take care of.
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