Why should I sell my house to Yes Homebuyers?

Selling your home with a local estate agent can take a long time, and can be very stressful, uncertain, and frustrating.

Selling to Yes Homebuyers removes the stress, hassle, and uncertainty. We buy your home from you directly, putting you in control, and getting things moving to your timeframes.

Answered by
Matthew Cooper
July 30, 2020

Detailed Answer:

Quick, convenient and stress-free

Selling your house to Yes Homebuyers is all about speed, certainty, convenience, and putting you in control.

It means you'll have no hassle, no uncertainty, and no long waits.

This is because we remove many of the things that make selling your house so slow. Things like:

  • Getting your house ready for sale
  • Choosing estate agents
  • Waiting for viewings
  • Haggling over offers
  • And waiting on solicitors.

If you sell your home to us, we take care of every detail. This puts you in control.

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How long have Yes Homebuyers been around for?

Short answer:

We were founded in 2014, and have been purchasing property ever since. Click here to read more about us.

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How quickly can you buy my house?

Short answer:

We usually say around 14-21 days to allow time for the legal process.

However, we can work faster if you need us to. (We've bought a house in as little as two days before). If you need a quicker sale just let us know.

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Do I have to sign any contracts/are there any tie-ins?

Short answer:

No - there's absolutely nothing to sign with us. You can change your mind and withdraw at any time with no cost.

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