Why do you use local estate agents in your valuation?

We use local estate agents for two reasons.

  1. They're independent - which means an impartial valuation.
  2. The best estate agents know their local area better than anyone.

Having the knowledge of local experts is crucial to help ensure our valuations are accurate all across the country. Better valuation feedback means more accurate valuations, which means more confidence in the valuation. This ultimately means we can make you a higher offer.

Answered by
Matthew Cooper
July 27, 2020

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How do you value my home?

Short answer:

There are 3 main steps: 

  1. First we gather information from you about your home.
  2. Next we complete thorough online research using sophisticated valuation tools.
  3. Finally, we instruct two local estate agents to visit your home and give their feedback.

Once we have all the feedback we can make our offer. This usually all takes place within as little as a couple of days.

Once we've gathered all this information we spend time assessing it to establish our valuation. We can then determine our offer.

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Is the valuation free?

Short answer:

Yes, the valuation is free. At Yes Homebuyers there are no fees whatsoever. You should never pay for a valuation.

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Is there any obligation?

Short answer:

No. There's no contract or any tie-in or any kind. We're just a buyer making you an offer. If you aren't happy with it, simply reject it.

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