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5 Ways You Can Prepare Your House for a Property Survey

Joe Bailey

Preparing your house for a property survey doesn’t have to be hard work. Follow these effective tips to woo that surveyor.

Survey PreparationsSurvey Preparations

To make it easier for both you and the chartered property surveyor, you should prepare your house for a property survey. By doing this, your surveyor will be able to complete the survey and produce the report quicker by having easier access to all areas.

There are a few simple but essential things you should do to prepare for your house survey. You’ll want to create as much space as you can for the surveyor to have an unobstructed access to all areas of your property, especially areas of concern.

We’ve put together a list of the 6 best ways you can prepare your house for a property survey.

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#1. Notify surveyor of areas of concern

If there’s anything you may have noticed yourself that has the potential to be dangerous, make sure you notify the surveyor before they start the survey. There’s no point trying to cover up anything you know that is damaged, as the surveyor will only find it during the examination anyway. You should leave easy access to areas that are prone to damage, so your surveyor will be able to offer their expert opinion on how to fix these areas of concern.

#2. Move furniture from walls

All property surveys will thoroughly examine the condition and structure of your house. Walls often need to be checked for any unauthorised renovations and alterations and problems such as damp and mould. It’ll make the job more difficult and will only delay the survey if you have any furniture blocking exterior walls. The surveyor can refuse to carry on with the inspection on the day if there’s any heavy furniture obstructing an area that needs to be checked.

#3. Clear windowsills

Windowsills are often common places for damp and mould to be found. By clearing items on the windowsill, you’ll allow the surveyor easy access when it comes to examining it. A property survey will also check if your windows are double glazed, therefore a clear and accessible windowsill will be appreciated by the surveyor. You’ll also need to be able to open all of the windows during your property survey, so you should make sure you have the keys.

#4. Create easy access to the attic

Creating easy access to your attic is essential if you’re having a building survey carried out, as this in-depth survey thoroughly examines the attic, behind walls and underneath floor boards. If your attic is full of storage and the surveyor’s access is obstructed, then they have the right to terminate the survey, or at the very least, it’ll seriously delay the survey. Ensure the loft door is easy to open and isn’t just fixed closed.

#5.  Declutter space

By decluttering any mess in your house, it’ll give the surveyor easy access to all areas in your house. You don’t want to end up worrying during the survey that it’s taking longer than expected, potentially landing you with an extra bill. Not only will this make the surveying process quicker and easier, but decluttering your house before moving is essential anyway. If your house is tidy and well presented, there’s a better chance your property will be valued higher.

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