How much do we offer?

We can buy your home from you quickly, in a timeframe to suit you. The only drawback is that we don't pay the full market value.

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Consider The Full Cost Of Selling Your Home

The thing customers love about our service is that they’re assured of a simple, certain and convenient house sale. The only drawback is that the offer we make is less than your home’s full value.

How much less than its full value? To get a good idea of the true cost of our service, it’s important to compare the price you’d end up with from us, to what you’d receive after selling your house on the open market. This is for a couple of reasons.

 Estate Agent Sale – Direct Costs

Firstly, although we make a lower offer than you’d likely get selling through an estate agent, there are far fewer costs selling to us. (There’s no estate agent to pay as we buy from you directly, we cover your legal fees, and we don’t charge any fees).

 Estate Agent Sale – Indirect Costs

Secondly, because a sale to us can go through much more quickly, there aren’t months and months of mortgage payments and utility and council tax bills to pay while you're waiting to move. It’s important to consider as well that, because the house isn’t going on the open market, there’s no need to get the house “ready” for viewings – people often spend money on repairs and maintenance before marketing.

 So when you consider all the costs involved, the true cost of selling to us is probably much less than you might think.

For an idea of what an offer from us might look like click our "Make an Enquiry" button and within the next hour we can give you an idea of what an offer from us might look like - and how that stacks up against alternatives. Give it a try now or read on below.

How Much We Offer

Our offer is based on what we call the “Full Market Value” of the property. As a rough guideline, this is the price you’d generally expect to achieve if you were to sell your house through a local estate agent in about 4-8 months.

Our thorough valuation process (which you can read more about here) helps us determine the likely Full Market Value of your home – and from this we can make our offer.

Generally, we offer in the region of about 80-85% of this price – but remember that there are no estate agent or solicitor fees for you to pay with our offer, and because we can complete more quickly you don’t have months of mortgage payments, council tax and utility bills, and so on while waiting to move.

Factors That Affect Our Offer

There are many factors that affect the value of a property, including the condition of your home, its location, your local market conditions, and recent sale prices. We spend a lot of time considering all these factors when determining the Full Market Value of your property.

We know that the higher our offer, the more likely you are to be happy to accept our offer – so we carefully consider all the information we've gather so that we can make you the best offer we possibly can.

Where Do We Make Our Money?

As a seller, choosing to sell to us assures you of a simple, certain and convenient house sale. The only drawback is that we buy your home from you at a price less than its full value.

This is effectively where we then make our money – once we’ve bought your property we step into your shoes as the new seller.

So in essence, we now deal with the long, complicated, stressful and drawn-out sale you were hoping to avoid! By us going through the lengthy process and selling the house for it’s full value the company makes a profit.

Unfortunately the difference between what we buy your home for and what we sell it for isn’t all profit. As with any business, we have lots of costs to consider too - often in excess of £10,000 per transaction, which come off our bottom line.

We've covered this topic in much more detail here - Where Do We Make Our Money

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