Do I have to accept the offer straight away, or can I think about it?

Short Answer:

Once we make our offer it's valid for 30 days - so you've got plenty of time to think. (And if you come back to us after 30 days, our offer likely still stands anyway).

Long Answer:

There's time to think

A sale to Yes Homebuyers is about putting you in control. So when you receive our offer please take as much time as you need. You're under no pressure to make a quick decision.

Our offer stands for 30 days. This is to give you plenty of time to think, and decide if you want to move forward.

If you come back to us more than 30 days after your offer, we'll still want to buy it. We'll just need to spend a couple of hours re-underwriting it, to check we can offer the same amount.

What does "re-underwriting" mean?

Basically, if you come back to accept our offer after 30 days, we just need to check that the market hasn't changed drastically since we last valued your home.

For example, if a couple of similar properties nearby have come on the market at much lower prices since we last spoke, it could affect what your home may eventually sell for, or how long it might take. This could affect what we're able to offer for your home.

It's quite unusual for things to change this quickly though, so unless the market's changed drastically, our offer will still stand.

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How much do you offer?

Short answer:

We generally offer around 80-90% of the full market value.

By buying your home from you at a discount to its full value we’re able to give you a certain, stress-free sale and guarantee you expert support throughout.

You'll also make thousands of pounds worth of cost savings that help offset the lower price. Many of these costs are surprising and are often overlooked when selling.

So although the discount seems substantial at first, a fast sale may cost much less than you think.

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Why would I sell my house for less than its full value?

Short answer:

Selling your home the traditional way (with an estate agent) will usually get you the highest price, but it can be uncertain, stressful, and drawn-out.

A home sale to Yes Homebuyers guarantees you speed, certainty, convenience, and peace of mind. And for some sellers the lower price is well worth it.

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How do you submit your offer to me?

Short answer:

We'll call you and talk through the offer over the phone. We'll take as long as you need and you can ask as many questions as you'd like.

We then confirm our offer in writing to you as well as part of our Offer Pack.

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Selling your home to Yes Homebuyers

  • We buy your home directly from you so you can sell your house fast and avoid waiting around to find a buyer on the regular market. 
  • You can get a "ballpark" offer from us within 5 minutes, a formal offer within 24 hours, and we can complete on the purchase of your home in as little as 2 weeks.
  • Our quickest purchase was made within six days.
  • We guarantee the price we will pay, unlike some buying platforms who reduce their offer shortly before completion.
  • There are no fees or costs involved and we cover all legal fees involved.
  • There are no contracts or tie-ins even if you accept an offer, and no viewings to take care of.
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