How much do you offer?

Short Answer:

We generally offer around 80-90% of the full market value.

By buying your home from you at a discount to its full value we’re able to give you a certain, stress-free sale and guarantee you expert support throughout.

You'll also make thousands of pounds worth of cost savings that help offset the lower price. Many of these costs are surprising and are often overlooked when selling.

So although the discount seems substantial at first, a fast sale may cost much less than you think.

Long Answer:

Our offer is based on the full value

We go through the valuations we’ve received to determine what we think the realistic “Full Market Value” of the property is. The “Full Market Value” is the price you’d normally be able to achieve in around 6 months with a local or online estate agent.

Our offer is, on average, around 80-90% of that figure – but it can be more or slightly less depending on other circumstances. This is to allow us to make an offer that’s more tailored to your specific property.

Why aren't our offers a set percentage?

The reason our offers aren't a set percentage on all properties is to give us flexibility to factor in the risk-level of the acquisition, as well as the amount of time we are likely to have to hold onto the property for, and the level of certainty we can reach around what the house is eventually likely to sell for in the future. This may mean we can pay you slightly more than usual for your home - but it may mean our offer is lower.

As an example, it’s generally easier to value and sell a 2-bed terraced house in a town-centre than it is to value a more niche property in a rural area. This is because there are lots of buyers for the first type of property, and fewer for the latter. This is why we are sometimes able to offer slightly more than 80% on certain properties.

The valuation is free

The only way to find out exactly what we’d offer is to contact our friendly team, let us quickly go through our valuation process, and we’ll make you a formal offer.

We don’t make money on all of our properties either – sometimes we make a loss. So on those sales where we’ve made losses, our client actually received as much as 90-100% of what the property was worth, and had the benefit of an extremely fast and convenient sale to us. This doesn't happen often, but it's worth bearing in mind.

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Why would I sell my house for less than its full value?

Short answer:

Selling your home the traditional way (with an estate agent) will usually get you the highest price, but it can be uncertain, stressful, and drawn-out.

A home sale to Yes Homebuyers guarantees you speed, certainty, convenience, and peace of mind. And for some sellers the lower price is well worth it.

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How do you submit your offer to me?

Short answer:

We'll call you and talk through the offer over the phone. We'll take as long as you need and you can ask as many questions as you'd like.

We then confirm our offer in writing to you as well as part of our Offer Pack.

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What happens if I accept your offer?

Short answer:

You'll pick your solicitor (we can recommend one if needed), then you pick the completion date, then we contact the solicitors to get the ball rolling.

Everyone starts working towards your desired date, and we'll be in the background making sure it all happens as effortlessly and stress-free as possible for you.

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Selling your home to Yes Homebuyers

  • We buy your home directly from you so you can sell your house fast and avoid waiting around to find a buyer on the regular market. 
  • You can get a "ballpark" offer from us within 5 minutes, a formal offer within 24 hours, and we can complete on the purchase of your home in as little as 2 weeks.
  • Our quickest purchase was made within six days.
  • We guarantee the price we will pay, unlike some buying platforms who reduce their offer shortly before completion.
  • There are no fees or costs involved and we cover all legal fees involved.
  • There are no contracts or tie-ins even if you accept an offer, and no viewings to take care of.
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